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Sunday, February 7, 2010


hellow readers ;

oh well, obviously i've been M.I.A for the whole week.
spare my laziness to update my blog.
cause there's not much photos to update my blog.
you know i love my bloggie with photos.
too bad, i even lazy to snap photos recently.

talk about 3rd semester.
i gotta feeling that this semester is going to be so damn busy.
dramas, business management etc.
well, last semester for FOSEE.
goodluck and don screw the coursework again lil miss splendid.

oh ya, about my result.
anyway, i passed all of them.
thanks god =)

aaaannnnddd the most exciting part is,
CNY is coming soon.
people, can you feel the CNY mood?
yes you can,
but i cant.
cause the best part of CNY is spending quality time with family members.
decorating ur home, shop for cny bargains, baking cookies etc.
this year, im far from home,
which means i'm not able to do those in the list.
too bad =(((((

bytheway, im still looking forward to cny.
cuz im gonna get red packets!
meeting up with the relatives, friends, teachers as well!
hehehe. gonna eat some scrumptious food as well.
bububu, i'm going to be so fat!

whoops stop crapping.
im gonna update this post.
it's short though.
wanted to update abt the outting with steven ong last night,
but mostly photos are in his cam.
so update another 1st then =)

it was last wednesday that me and darlings went to movie/shopping!
hurhur it's been long time that four of us nvr hang out together.
'tagged' along bf and cc.
haha yea i 'tagged' 'em. =P
the movie was black ransom.
and i rated it as 3.5/5
cuz i love miu qiu wai so muchieeee.
he's so MAN!

not much photos taken.
and it's the same spot again.
the GSC's toilet. LOL

we dont look that alike anymore. haha her hair now is nicer~~

sometimes i really hate my hair which is so messy. =/

someday i will got tired too.

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