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Thursday, February 11, 2010

dearest cousin's visit to malacca.

alohaaa ;

fyi, currently home alone at ep. seems like most of them already back in their hometown, for the preparation for the coming CNY. *big sigh* this yrs, im not able to prepare the cny's thingie with my family. ohwell..........tmr will be off to penang and only go back kb 3rd day of cny. =l

if you're my follower in twitter, u know how much i obsessed with bejeweled blitz recently. hahaha. u know, ever since the moment i woke up tis morning, which is 11am, i bejeweled until now, 4pm. LOL. i cant nvr get bored with this game. :P

anyway, now my hand got tired and decided to blog. i gotta update my blog, or else there will be tons of posts to be update after the cny. hehe. and spare me not much photos again, cuz those photos are wit steven ong not me. he wont upload so fast one i know =P

it was last weekend that steven ong decided to pay me and xiaowei a visit. we got so excited until we rented a hotel near jonker street so that we can spend the whole night for 'heart-to-heart-talk'. but it turned out, we all slept damn earli then woke up damn late in the next morning. hahaha. xiaowei says she got cheated by both of us. LMAO

never fail to camwhore while waiting for checking in @ Baba Hotel

below are pictures of VAINITY, of mine. :P

then below are the pics camwhore with xiaowei & mirror lol.

anyway, the 1st day he reached malacca wasn't that smooth enough. he was so unfortunate that............. *LAUGHS* and too bad it was too late we couldn't brg him anywhere except jonker street for dinner tat night. but then his coursemates brought us for supper @ kota laksamana.

we were late the 2nd day, cuz me and steven couldn't wake up for 'photo-shooting', so the photo-shooting-in-the-dawn was cancelled. hahaha. xiaowei got cheated =P hotel offered us the breakfast and off we go to DP. sambil snap photos also la. but all are in his cam. lol.

i simply snap one. hahaha.

so i told you ad, there so few photos in my cam. hahaha. yayaya, i admit, i love camera so much! i camwhored for like, 1239845739 times, due to the nice lighting in the room. hehehe.

cny is just 3days away, valentine's day as well.

happy valentine love birds!


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