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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


hellow readers ;

remember i said ' stay tuned ' in my last post? haha. great. now im so FREE that i can update my post about CNY @ Kb. i was so busy until i didnt online that often. hahaha.

during festive season, that's the best opportunity to meet up with ur frens that u miss so much. i've met them, and started to miss them again. =/ i dont wanna come back melaka that soon cuz i dont wanna miss any chance to meet up with 'em. but no choice, have to come back also. sigh

on the 3rd day of CNY, i was jus back from penang to kb. reached kb around 7pm, knowing that there was a gathering at ruren's & ruyi's house. rushed to get ready cuz gonna reach their hse at 8pm. they were all late, me and qi had to left earlier cuz we are always the Mama Girl whom cannot stay outside later than 11pm. hahaha.

anyway we took loads of photos. they claimed that my camera was sucks. i was really nt that good cuz it easily get blur WHEN THE BATTERY IS LOW!

qi took this jus to show how-fat-am-i-but-still-wanna-eat's face. haha

see wat that ruyi was trying to do? act cute!!! tsk tsk.

well this one is clear due to flash. :D

on the fourth day of cny, which is the most awaiting one. hahaha. seems like it's already a tradition that we surely have a gathering at my hse first b4 any bai nian at Kubang Kerian every cny since form 4. my mom also very welcome them one. haha. she purposely woke up early to prepare some food for 'em leh. hahaha. cuz she knows the twins were coming. lol ==
we jus snapped photos like nobody's business before they left my hse. hahaha

i look so damn fat here. arghh!!

ah qi is way too skinny now. eat more pls miss chee!

yerr jiawen... hahahaha

yeeying always the tallest! gahh

hot babe >.-

yibi tannnnnnnnnnnnnn~~~

next stop - Mr. Foo's house. :)

Puan Lim's. :D her hse damn chio~

we were having great fun @ elaine's hse. =D

mahjong, poker... etc

of course, not to forget our Mr Lim Tienn Seng's house. he used to be a very PRO-physic teacher of us. anddddd... we all were so crazy over him cuz we honoured him as the most handsome teacher in chung hwa. hahaha. he is still that goodlooking weih..and funny as well. he even praised im getting prettier *wink wink. when i asked him whether i gain weights not, he answered ' abit abit lah, but cute!!! '. HAHAHA. see, he so good. but the saddest part was, we forgot to take the group pic wit him. aiks.

last stop @ KK - jiawen's hse. haha

time for dinner! went to cik siti selera's for food. they were craving for the big-sized chicken chop. lol...time for camwhore as well =) p/s:already uploaded in facebook so i will jus upload afew.

damn, so in love wit this. photographer pro~~ =)

next day, weewei's hse was having open hse. it's a tradition as well. hahaha. his mom prepared loads of great food~~ argh started to get hungry right now =/ anyway not much photos taken too. heee, i won in gamble :D anyway, i went to xiaowei hse after that. finally, officially met up with steven ong! hahaha. we had photo-shooting session as usual. he loves to help us take pic.

this one damn cute our face. hahaha

group pic! :D

below are the photos from steven ong. haha i serioulsy in love with it =) thanks~
p/s: already uploaded in facebook as well. =)

thats end of my cny @ kb. there's some other at melaka. cny is great, dont u think so? =P

im spent another 2hrs on bloggin again. lolz.

although im not sure, yet, that counts. too bad.

how do you ask me to believe when the i saw that?
and pls dont ask me why.
i wouldn't tell you. ;)

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