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Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Bff =)

happy birthday to xiao wei :) ;

hohoho. someone turns into 19th already. finally. hahaha. anyway, happy birthday! although we couldnt make it to celebrate her birthday on 24th, but we did gave her a 'surprise' when we landed in KB. the 'surprise' was not that surprise though. =.=

anyway, i hope she likes it. since we already planned it for quite a time. hehehe. and the present as well. this year i nvr ask her what she wants for present anymore, cuz it seems like really not sincere lor. hahaha. so i bought a collection of ultraman for her. woots!

so chaihong and kueiping and a bunch of lamers came to the airport. but hauheong was LATE. i had to purposely bring xiaowei to KFC and lied to her that my mom will be late. hahaha. after we sit down and all, only they brought the cake and sang a birthday song to her. but sadly, she says my acting skill was sucks cuz i almost laughed out that time. =P

xinjie brought in the cake. :D

the girls ^^

time for wishesssss.

this cake really niceeeee. chaihong really know how to pick~

too bad chai hong need to rush back already. TT

our face almost laughed out due to the noob face of the photographer! hahaha

LOL i don look fierce merr? =(

heong what the heck were you looking at? me??? xD

spot the noob-est ppl in this pic. yeeerrrr the one with 'singapore'.

xinjie very pro de shooting skill =.=

pingggg, my face getting round, yours getting thinner. s.a.d

finally, a pic with the birthday girl!

so im here again to wish you, happy birthday.
all the best in your studies.
all the best in everythingggg.
thanks for being my bestie for this long.
best fren forever yea. =)


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