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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Countdown for 2010 (=

hellowwww ;

well, i've been away for almost one week. sorry been really busy recently, and finally i'm free today. not entirely free, u know final is just around the corner, means i need to get my ass on the chair and STUDY well already. =/ i seriously need to study, cause i don wanna get bad result, though i ady predicted that my result for this semester will be quite, not-okay. =/

was having some unfortunate stuff happened on me, and thanks god, it's over, and it's on-da-way to be solved. hee. and say yay, there will no class from tomorrow onwards till my final exam. and after final, guess what, i'm going back to KB!!!! hahahahaha. i cant hide my excitement when talk about im going back to kb, cause i really so damn miss kb u know. =(

okok, i shall start blog about the countdown. hahaha. ok well, before 31st, my mom called me and told me that ' ying, you'd better stay at home tomorrow, dont go for any countdowne event, very dangerous ok? ' i answered ' yesyes, i wont go la. don worry. '

but uknowiknowGODknows. teehee.

so me and my dearest darlings and coursemates, decided to countdown at jonker street. before we off to jonker street, we took our dinner at a restaurant, which recommended by william. anyway, not really taste that good la. not bad only lo.

oh yea, the most important thing about that day was, me and darlings were wearing the same t-shirt! hahaha. we bought that t-shirt @ midvalley last time. mckeyyyyy =] we really caught many people's attention u know, and it was hilarious we saw another group of guy was doin the same thing also. they were looking at us and we were laughing. hahaha.

ok, now let's the pictures do the talking. kinda lazy also. =P
p/s: those pictures mostly already uploaded in facebook lah actually. hehe

mckeys =)

seriously we do look alike, dont we? xD

will you forgive me for being so vain? :P

quite common one la those dishes

damn crowded one lo tat day. people mountain people sea i tell u.

in the middle of crowd, we still able to take pic. xD

we stopped at the most crowded part, somewhere near geogapher and it was, real crowded man. no kidding. we were squeezed like sardine. -.-

my cameraman tat day. hahah emoking~~~

it's almost 12am, we can see people were playing with the spray-spray thingie. and some already drunk @.@ and here we go


you can hear people greet each other happy new year, and here the fireworks goes! hahaha.

we were y-m-c-a. xD

leo was freaking funny hahaha

apple looks soooo white!

manvir joined us! =D

below are some camwhore pics took with xiuxiu's phone.

finally end my post with this. xD

group pics w/ special guest! jeremy's jocelyn.

phew~ finally done my post. it's tiring u know blog.. okay, so wish everyone happy 2010 again. have a blast on 2010 yea people.

-end of post-

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