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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chin Chee and Phang 's 19th Birthday!

it's 0114 now ;

fyi i'm bored again. i know very well that i should have sit down and study. but you know we dont spend 24hours for studying, not even 12hours lo, ahh ok i admit, not even 2hrs for me.

it's pathetic that oneself who sick of himseft/herself. the very good example is here, me. =/ seriously i'm so sick of myself, i couldn't understand that why i just cant pay full attention on my lecture notes instead of FACEBOOK. then when i know my result is going to be real-sucks, it will only motivate me to study. BUT, this does not last long, it's like i will only study for one chapter or even one or two sections only then i will put a full stop on it. CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW TO GET RID OF MY LAZINESS? i hate the feeling of regret, yet i cant get rid of my laziness. that's the point. =.= courseworks are screwed, final is only the one can helps. thus, i need some determination from GOD.

anyway, i'm going to blog about the 19th birthday of my friends which is chinchee and jaser phang. hahaha let the photos do the talking. shall we? =)


happy 19th birthday to chinchee! =)

group pic of the day

the girls. i look real fat lah weihhh. ishhh

ehh seems like it's been ages ago that we camwhore rite? xD

birthday promotion at wongkok! =D
happy birthday!

this cup of milk tea is killing. HUGE man.

this photo looks great! photographer pro ma :P

another great mushroom spaghetti. *yummmm*

ahh i look so fair with the 'help' of flash. =/


me & chinchee~

creative not? xD

nice scenery =)

this sweet gf was preparing a surprise for her boyfren.

another group pic.

old-tradition huh? LOL

hahaha they are now all old people already. lalala. my friends or shud i say BFF all mostly borned at January one leh. chaihong was ytd, ping xiaowei stephanie blar blar all coming soon. january babies banyak nyeee.

anyway, wanna see some camwhore pics of mine? i was playing with the webcam while chatting with the bf last night. haha

as usual, i miss him the most when midnight approaches. :)

-end of post-
as long as you love me ♥

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