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Thursday, December 31, 2009

the very last day of 2009.

end of 2oo9 ;

aloha readers. i'm back again :) ain't because im free lah, im just couldn't fall asleep in the late night so i decided to blog. well, again, just got back from movie. guess what, it's Sherlock Holmes! for any movie-lovers, this movie is another great movie that you can never miss out. and, awwwww for Jude Law! i'm in love with him :DDD

btw, as you all know today is the very last day of 2009. means, 24hrs more to reach a whole new year, 2010. frankly, i dont know why am i feeling quite 'she bu de' to leave 2009, everytime when i think about - oh soon to be 2010, my heart will be like down, and i dont know w-h-y. cause in the past, i always looking forward for a new yrs, but not for this yrs. swt. perhaps, i'm worrying the approaching of 2012? xD but you know, it's not.

anyhow, i wish 2010 is a WAY BETTER YEAR than 2009. new year, new hope. i just wish that everything goes smoothly, i mean, in every aspect. as for myself, i hope that i could be hardworking (as if lahhhh), more and more happy-go-lucky. yet there are some aspects that i dont ask for more, some aspects that i wanted to get rid so badly, i hope, i can do it in this year. =)


i realize i've been quite lazy to online this few days, it's a good thing maybe as final is around the corner. actually not only being lazy to online and i'm being quite a ignorant person towards some other stuff, and i guess i know the reason, so clear. hahaha. forgive me.

you know, sometimes disappointment takes over and eventually it leads to numbness. you can feel nothing anymore, and you just be like, whatever lah. human are unpredictable, or should i say, life is unpredictable? whatsoever. getting used with it already.

opporturnities are not always there, once you get it, appreciate it. do not take for granted for everything, pls dont. do appreciate them, not everyone deserves second chance. so, appreciation is the key.

well, that's all for today. so im here to wish everyone, happy 2010! =)

taken with my lousy phone camera.

-end of post-
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