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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tan Fei is finally LEGAL! :D

tanfei's 18th birthday ;

finally i've got some free time to blog again. even there are still few assignments to pass up next week, yet i still feel relieve after the presentation today. it sucks though, but who cares?

f.y.i, i'm now in a SUPER-DUPER-VERY-GODDAMN-FREAKING HYPER mood! wanna know why?
hee i dont wanna tell. :P perhaps u guys will find out the answer the next post? :D

stop the crap and i shall start bloggin. obviously it's about birthday again, see the name so BIG up there. haha. Tan Fei's punya birthday lo, the youngest among us. now ppl 18th liao lo, legal liao lo, very geng liao lo. hahaha. anyway, wish him happy birthday again. :)

we celebrated his birthday right after finish our HD midterm on tue. we punlai wanna go Wings cafe one, but turned out, we changed our venue to Amigo. First time been there, and their food was nice, and the most important part, the price is CHEAPPPPPP :D i mean, affordable la.

can you feel the chritmas mood? i can feel it. :)

Foong cant wait to eat. haha

ron's mushroom soup~

zhiqin's super mini pizza. *laughs*

LOL cc dont let me take the pic

mushroom chicken

MINE! cheese baked potato chicken:D

grilled chicken! *fingers-licking* this is strongly recommended!

what apple ang was trying to do? haha

ron jangan kacau~

After that, we off to GOGO to cheong K. Hao suggested that and surprisingly tanfei agreed too! hahaha that day, the guys enjoyed themselves so much huh? :D as long as you guys like.


happy birthday to fei fei~

group pic! xD


this is how when u always play others on their bday. *LMAO

kena 99!

camwhore with the mirror!

they were so mad over the game.

wasted the SR's cake on this fella's face. grrrr.

went back home around 2am. and i guess he likes our present so much. haha see? we so considerate one, bought so many FOOD for you, know u always starve mah, then the DELICIOUS SWISS ROLL le? right? hahah.

im gotta upload those pics @ fb soon.

- end of post -

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