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Saturday, December 19, 2009

me & coursemates @ KL

i'm back again :D

hello readers, im back to blogger again. was really busy with events, and i'm really lazy. today, i'm finally FREE to update my blog. and i'm sorry this is a very late post. hahaha.

f.y.i, malaysia is having year end sale this november till january 2010. so, the same old tradition goes, S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G! we decided to visit KL for few days and shop for our cny clothes. yay for clothes, but we pokkai eventually. everyone broke. =(

and u know what, this time, guys bought alot more than girls! how come ah? unfair not u say? anyway, we did enjoy ourself la. the food we took, very nice and we shall thanks to tanfei cuz he was our guide tour. :D

im gonna share the photos now.

@ our 5-stars hotel. :D


after our breakfast, we took our way to times square which is just a few 'miles' away from the hotel we stay. and guess who i met in the shopping mall? RU REN! omfg, i was like, is that him? we were too excited to meet each other at some other place instead of kelantan. hahaha indeed, i miss him alot. i mean, as friend. :)

spot us!!!

elaine too hungry @.@


da jie~

dearest mei mei~

lao pan niang~

looks better than that model. xD


christmas decoration @ times square

@ kappa's store.

da jie very lenglui wor

ron sentiasa kacau punya le...xD

while guys were trying on shirt @ voir, we were camwhoring with the mirror. :P

this time, cc kacau pulak. LOL

x habis habis. :D

actually i still got lots of photos took with the mirror, but i aint gonna upload everything la, cuz its almost the same thing. haha. after tat we headed to sg wang. for god's sake, sg wang was way too crowded, people MOUNTAIN people sea. *u should know why i capslocked that word. ;) ya, squeezed till i felt dizzy and i dont have the mood to shop. gg. and we don take any pics over there. how to take? =.=

anyway i like their chritmas decoration. :)

went back hotel for nap. at nite, we went for a superbigsize and luxurious mamak's dinner. this is very true, super big size!!!! this is where tanfei introduced. ss2 murni. u can order anything u like, i mean like u can combine the food u want. we just ordered the different type of food. it's expensive though, i mean for a mamak like this. yet, i think quite worth it.

cost us rm5 per jug. juices with lychee those. :D

my watermelon special!

nasi goreng chicken marryland

indo mee chicken chop with black pepper sauce *thumbs-up*

claypot lou shu fan.

i miss this!! roti hawaii

hahaha cc cant finish his meal eventually.

xiuxiu cannot finish. :D

phew, after the meal we were all full. seriously, im the one who cant even breath normally. hahaha. and guess what i went to buy eno @ 7-11. this is the goddamn 1st time i took eno, and it tastes freaking nice too. :D anyway, atleast i can breath normall after eno. hahaha

w8ting for monorail going back for rest.

darlingssss :)

jie jie and mei mei xD

2nd day onwards. as usual, im the last one to wake up. hahaha. this time we choose to shop at midvalley & 1-utama.

mirror mirror on da wall. da jie is the prettiest. :)))))


xmas decoration @ midvalley.

lunch @ carls junior

both so cute. :D

ehhh im hungry la weih.


my bbq chicken!

cc always kenot finish one le! such a waste~

stopped by mckey store. we bought alot. :D

again we back to hotel and rest. and im last one to prepared as well. went to petaling street and took dinner. okay, can you see how lazy i am now. i already sat here for 2hrs for this post. hahaha. too long ady this post. lol.

last pic before we off back to melaka. =]

-end of post-

appreciate every moment.

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