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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Grandpa birthday

hellowwww :)

i'm finally back to though im having test tmr. laziness is always the no.1 killer. tell you what, i screwed up my econs midterm already. means, i'm gotta work hard for final. * big big sigh*

yet, i choose to face my lappie instead of the online notes now. spare me, i've been really busy last week, i should be busy as well this week. but i feel like writing, posting, so i'm here :)

rmb i promised to update about the penang trip? it was last last week i was there, 27th nov in details. it was such a rush trip since i reached penang at fri nite and flight back to kl on sun noon. too bad i dont really spend quality time with family, and SHOPPING as well. BIG SALES er, and the most important part, my mom was there! i need to buy CNY clothes lahhh. i supposed to go for SG last week, but too bad, midterm, assignments all pile up. so i choose to give up the sg trip. *SIGH*

oklah stop i shall stop whining and start the post. my paternal side grandpa is now 81th yrs old! woohoo! so glad that he is still 'very pink in health'. hahaha. undeniably, the relationship between my grandpa and me(including my siblings), are not that close, as u know, we seldom visit them and we are more close to maternal side.

last time i tend to be very naive/childish that i dont really care about my paternal side grandparents, but after that i found out from my cousin that, they actually care alot. so i changed, everytime im back to there, i will greet them politely, talk to them more as i could.

shall we let the photos do the talking? and i will explain one by one. :)

we were having a family-photo-shooting session in the morning. :D

everyone was so busy.

you know, girls :) lenglui not my cousins? xD

still arranging @.@

me and the kiddosssss.

nah show you guys this first. hahah our family potrait. tell you what my dad is actually having 11 siblings. can you count how many people inside this ppl? and this is not yet the whole family. hahaha btw, spot me. :)

here comes the night session. grandpa was organizing a dinner @ a primary school hall, which their kampung used to have events at there, and invited all his relatives & friends. we were having 55tables! not being so exaggerating, but this is the fact. when i knew about that i was like, huh omfg too. haha


the not-so-well decorated stage. haha

three of us are 18. haha

actually my bro did helped me to take few pics,
but i look like a pregnant woman so i dont wanna upload here. :P

about the food, i ate alot until i forget to take pic. but those usual la. haha

too bad the mirror not clean le. aiyah

here there are, the camwhore pics of us. xD

i miss my cousins heaps. it's been one yrs ago since i last time met up with them. haha. all so lenglui rite? hahaha. :D maybe we will meet in cny again yuhoo~

anyway, its 0249am right now, and i'm feeling so bored. and oh yes, i almost forget about test tmr. haha anyway, godbless. :)

- end of post -

let god decides whether we're really meant to be.

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