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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chritsmas ♥

Merry-Berry-Belated-Christmas ;

i apologize again for this-not-very-late-post. fyi, i was busy with my presentation stuff and i got very lazy recently. i mean like, i'm quite lazy to online =/ and again, i'm over apple's house again. yeepee, i always love to be her roommate. it's good to have someone talks to you whenever you want.

blar blar blar, i shall stop blarbering again. hahaha. oh yeah, i celebrated my christmas eve & christmas @ JB & SG this yrs. *teehee* but this time, not with my family yet with my so-called family aka coursemates. hahaha. anyway, i had great fun/moment w/ them.

went down to JB with cc & elaine early in 24th. unfortunately, my eyes were having irritation, i mean quite a serious one. i cant even open my eyes for lik 3seconds, and i hardly open my eyes where there's light is. thus, youknowiknowGODknows, few pictures taken. lol. kesian errr. grrrrrr.

our apple da jie & pontian xiuting already standby at JB to meet up with us. headed to SUTERA MALL to meet up with pontian xiuting. we managed to hang around Tebrau before we off to cc's friend's birthday bash. awwwww, three of us were so shy to enter the house since all those unfamiliar faces were looking at us, like so strange..-.- anyhow, we admit that we failed to mingle with them, yet we had hilarious moment with the-very-bongkang bongkang. *LAUGHS*

my breakfast. p/s:do not take spicy food as breakfast, no!

@ Sutera Mall

cc says this toilet very chio worrrr. xD

♥ my darlingssss

how pale that day? my eyes GG.

after the birthday bash we off to La Gourmet for chilling session,countdown for christmas as well. i can see everyone was anticipatedly waiting for the approaching of the very first moment of Christmas. the place was crowded enough, family-gathering, dating-couples, Bff-gathering etc.

there are loads of people say we look alike. =)

my honeydew banana juice. this is really really *two-thumbs-up *


when 00.00am approaches, we're allow to break those balloons!

we got back apple's house quite earli that day becase we were dead on our feet, so exhausted and we wanted to prepare for the next day - the much more awaitiong ones.

Christmas @ SG! :) i tot i dont hav the chance to visit Sg this yrs anymore since i missed the chance to go with my family last nov, luckily cc wanted to go as well. so three of us, the love birds cc & elaine, and the bulb-me, off to kastam early in the morning. this is the very 1st time i went thru kastam with bus, and now i know the way. ^^

camwhore a lil while waiting for the bus, yet so blur. @.@

took bus from kastam to bugis street directly. =X what a shame that i never been to bugis before. and i nvr knew bugis is another shopping paradise! great! i should have discover this earlier mahhh..aiseh.

the first thing i ate in sg. *fingers-licking*

x'mas decoration at bugis.

we look so small..


took MRT to Harbour Front where Vivo City located. yeeeeeeeepeeeeeeeeeeeee. time for lunch!

grrr i was forced to wear spec.

Vivo City - the huge mall.

say YAY to japanese food! we took our lunch over here.

no photograph allow, but who cares? =X

while waiting for my lunchhhhh.

art? xD

elaine's unagi egg. the egg is smooth like tofu.

mine! it's serves with pork. spare me i've forgotten the name.

ahhh cc's! i like this one. it's like pizza stuff.

finish our meal and we say yayyyy to sentosa island! elaine wanted to go so badly. hahaha. weih there were loads of tourists there u noe, hav to queue up for the entrance card to access to sentosa.

wanted to enter underworld but the queue was way too long, i guess we have to wailt for more than 1 hrs to get the ticket. =.= next time, shall we? *wink back to vivo and get some dessert @ Haagen- Dazs.

darn expensive one lo. but yummmyyyyyyy. awwww i cant resist sweet stuff!

my uncle picked us up at taxi stand @ Ang Mo Kio. lucky us, uncle took us to Ministry Of Steak for western dinner. din take any photos, shyyyy mah. hee. after that went back to JB again. conclusion, one day not enough for SG. =/

the other morning, we went to Pontian to look for our pontian xiuting. she took us to Kukup for walk walk, and i swear i will go there again! i mean, for the vacation. heee.

feel the senerity.

ahhh, durian flavour the best. =)

how few our pics this trip. =/

pontian's red wantan mee. :D

phew finally finish my blog and gonna get some sleep now. sleepyyyy.

Goodnites ♥

-end of post-

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