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Monday, November 9, 2009

Walkabrella ; ♥

well, was supposed to have a good sleep before meet up with my babe Steven Ong tomorrow. it's only 12.40am now, do you think little missy here will hit the bed so early? haha. no way~ bloggie comes first.

was chatting with my ex-classmate aka ex-monitor last week, Kuok Sing, he's now doing quite well i guess? was browsing through the website he gave me, and i guess, i should do something beneficial with my bloggie. *wink and i promised him to advertise it. ala ala, i know im not pro enuff, but it's just a starting ma. haha.

What does walkabrella means? Walkabrella is actually an event organized by KDU College's student, for the purpose to help children who with a disease named Cerebral Palsy.

What is Cerebral Palsy then? Cerebral Palsy is actually a mental disorder that affects the muscles and movements, children with this disease have a difficulty controlling their movements and may be victimes to unwanted muscles spasms and seizures.
NOTE : for more information Cerebral Palsy, click here.

*cause im also copy from there. let's make it simple, short and precise. i know my 'supporters' not that hardworking one will read all. :P

This event is to raise the awareness among public about Cerebral Palsy, those victimes need help, we should lend our hand to them. what goes around, comes around. you did something good, GOD may bless you. GOD is watching. this is so so true and i believe it. :)

btw too bad im will not be around KL during that time. hey, you just need to spend a mere RM10 to get the entrance ticket, what you going to do is to complete the walk with your colourful/hellokitty/meatballs/gifted/uv-protection/lousy/laoya umbrella, with open lah of course. that sounds so easy! or else you think thats lousy, then nvm lo. you're more lousy cuz u dont even dare to open ur umbrella. haha. kiddin la. and tell you what, this is gonna be in Malaysian Book of Records! by doing some good deeds, you're actually gonna participating for Malaysian Book of Records! how nice isit?

read this, this is one of the objective of Walkabrella ;
To achieve our objectives by entering the Malaysian Book of Records by getting and attracting the largest most number of people to participate in this walk-for-a-cause with their umbrellas open during our event!

don turn away, not yet end, you're gonna get a GOODIE BAG as well. fyi i love goodie bag the most! xD who knows, u may get some limited item perhaps? :D

not to mention, there will be locat acts, including bands from KDU College along with a bazaar, food stalls for you guys too!

stupid me, i almost forget to insert the MOST IMPORTANT DETAILS!
here is it
DATE : 6th Dec 2009
TIME : 7am - 4pm
Venue : Central Park @ OneUtama

For more information, feel free to drop by a sweet email to

*click the work above to get into the website.

p/s: you can become the fan of walkabrella at facebook thru here too!

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