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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Seoul Garden

Aloha ;

i know i've been really lazy to update blog lately, argh. no time perhaps? :P btw, i've got lots of stuff to update. let's start with seoul garden first.

it was last friday xiaowei asked me out, along with eutong, and the love birds, which i mean xinming and phang. phang kept on persuade us to go seoul garden as he thinks it's quite worth. whoa? quite expensive, but with our student card, we are able to get some promotion. it's still expensive la, RM23 per person. but you can eat as much as you can, or wat you say, eat till you drop! anyway, i don think i eat that much lah. hee, or else some ppl may complain my weight again. =X

variety of raw food to be chosen for grill.

i love this~~

I saw the mirror and here we go. :)

awwww, i miss them.

phang did this, fried oyster. haha. nice~~

little miss splendid with dessert. :D

BFF always there for me. :)))

We were so FULL. seriously, very very very full. finished our meal then off we went to dreambox. cheong K~~~ too bad xinming couldn't join us as she was going back to jb for her mother's surprise birthday celebration.

and you know what, Apple was there too, and she was actually opposite my room only. i was way too excited to meet up with her and we went to look for Foong too, as he was there too. haha.

gahh, i know my post is brief enough nowadays. lazyyy weih. and, i miss my family, friends over kb alot alot. seriously i do. i wish i could have a break for one month, go back meet up with them, forget everything, then just come back here again. atleast, i've got company. having serious homesick now. i'm not this kinda girl who misses home alot, but now yes i am. and im telling you this, i seriously wanna go back kb. i want. and not for 3days, i wan go back for whole month. someone bring me home.

somehow i think how sarcastic is that, there's no different between those days and these days. how pathetic i am. i should have move on, and i'm moving on, just i need a break between that. i'm so sick of dramas, everything. i'm tired. just let me off.

current addiction - lost without your love by amy pearson.

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