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Sunday, November 22, 2009

random update.

SO random ;

i know, i supposed to study for my midterm which is upcoming on tuesday. i know i should complete my assignment instead of facing my lappie. i really know. but, i dont know why today i just dont have the study mood, i cant pay full attention on my books.

fyi, i'm lazy. not only lazy, but super duper lazy. not only that, freaking goddam lazy. this laziness is killing me. at the same time, i felt guilty for didn't study. i dont wanna fail. no i cant fail. i already screwed up my quiz, I'm NOT going to fail this midterm. :P i mean, hopefully la. *giggles*

was having fun with bestie & friends last friday. haha it's been long time i never felt like that, perhaps my craziness is back. we were laughing non-stop, enjoy our time, gossip everything. whoa, i felt so great that day! :) * no photo, so sry. =/

btw, i'm gotta post some random pic. maybe you guys have seen in facebook already, still i wanna post here. :P

this few are from xiuting's hp which i just got it.

i like this one very much. :P

while the followings are the photos which i took last last friday. we actually went to GOGO ktv for 5hrs. sing till we DROP! i think, 5hrs too long for us. very long. we were almost dying. haha.

whoops. i got your kiss. =X

w/ the big eyes girl eutong, she looks great without spec, right?

ya i wonder why i love to blek. :P *laughs

i said before, call me camwhore queen. :)

took at subaidah~

the girls :D

this is called, Hong Kong Roti John. eggies. woots!

below are the photos we took while we were shooting for HD video. haha. i've uploaded in fb. just show some shots which i like. :D

we both love this very much!

dearest mei mei~

darlings. <3

prepare to get wet!

all wet. *laughs

okay, u can choose to skip the following session.
i know, i'm being quite VAIN at times.
spare me peeps. :D

-end of post-

no, i aint believe in you.

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