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Monday, November 2, 2009

Life Goes On

FYI, my life is a mess.
everything is messed up and i'm way too lazy to get motivated again.
well, i know i shouldn't, just give me some time.
i promise i will get back to my track soon.
this is not easy as you think,
but what to do?
life still goes on.

it's all on your hand how to twist your life,
whether into a better ones, or a worse ones.
why don't you choose the positive ones?
so, get a life people!

i always see how pathetic those people who lives in the past,
they just cant move forward,
i was kinda tot that it should be very easy.
but it's a BIG NO NO.
well, i apologize for the totally wrong thought.

in fact, i need to learn.
i realized i've got too much to learn.
i was being too ignorant about little things,
i never knew it causes a lot of consequences.
and, it may hurt the people around me.
eventually, i hurt myself.

im 18, i should be more mature in handling things.
i should pay much more responsibility on every little little thing that i nvr realize,
being stubborn is always my bad habit.
sounds childish, don't i?
i dont wanna miss anything anymore.

i've got BFFs,
bunch of great friends,
the family that loves me.
and i believe GOD will enlighten me.

so little miss splendid, move on!

peeps ;
stay tuned to my next post.

i just need some motivation.

This is so touching & real.

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