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Sunday, November 15, 2009

KL trip with beloved parents & steven ong.

i miss home ;

i'm gonna mention again, how much i miss home. seriously in homesick mode. very very homesick, i really miss my parents alot. i was thinking, i should have stay at form6, perhaps i did a mistake. i cant control myself when i was looking at my parent's picture. i wanted to go back, so badly, so badly. now only i realized, i'm so weak, so fragile. everytime i wake up from my dream, that feeling sucks. maybe you were dreaming about how comfy is ur bed at home, how tasty were the food ur mom cooked you, how nice when your family were with you when you need them, but when you are awake, every dream is like broke into pieces, everything back to reality that you're still stucked at here, the blardy hell.

anyway, i'm gonna blog about the trip i went with my parents last sunday. my parents and youngest bro went to KL as my dad was having some kind of ceremony which he and my mom had to attend. i met up w/ them at lcct, was waiting for around 2-3hrs, cause my dad made a mistake on their flight ticket. lol. anyway, lappie always by myside. ;)

i hardly describe the feeling when i saw them walking out from the departure hall. i was way too excited, and finally i saw my brother. he grows taller, while another bro wasn't there as he was having exam. i saw my pretty mummy and smart daddy after that, i miss them heaps.

off we went to hotel, we took sky bus which travels from lcct to kl sentral. we went out for supper that night. my smart daddy discovered the route to petaling street, not very near, yet not that far, just walking distance. but that time was around 11pm already, stalls almost closing, i took kuai leng kou as supper.

he usually did that.

KL chinese chamber.

where we took our guai leng kou.

i love the taste~ it costs us freaking RM8. well, worth it.

that night was a good good night. i slept without any confusion, i woke up with a cheerful mood, i know my parents and brother were beside me. and i know, i will be meeting up with Steven Ong! it's been ages that we never have a chance to meet up. i woke up damn early just to eat the FREE buffet breakfast provided by the hotel. teehee. my parents went to rehearsel for the ceremony. let me show u the picture of my parents~ haha

hahaha. how sweet huh? :P

the one i miss alot. :)

damn blur. mostly pictures are on his cam.

my brother smile was like :S

tada, we went to MID VALLEY that day. it's been ages i never been there.. stopped by Little Penang Cafe for lunch. my dad always loves penang food, i know he misses his hometown alot. haha. let's the pictures do the talking for this moment.

my penang laksa. well i still love the local ones. cheap yet nice~

Steven's curry mee.

ahh, this was nice! *thumbs-up*

@MPH. i saw mirror again.

stopped by Krispy Kreme, im telling you this, KK serves the best donuts ever among those competitors. my bro and mom claimed it was too sweet, but for me, it was different. their donuts come with variety choices, and i bet you do not know which to choose. every donuts seem nice.

can you see the strawberry fillings? sweet stuff.

strongly recommend this one, durian pan cake! awwww. me likey.

egg tarts.

i miss them alot.

camwhore awhile. :P

too bad the last day, i slept for 12hrs in the hotel. my parents went to the ceremony early in the morning. here there are, the picture of them. which is my favourite too. haha. congratulations to my dad! he has been granted a status, but i dunno whats that. haha. still, congratulations daddy. :)

nah, this is the thingie. haha.

-end of post-

actually, i'm not that tough as you think.

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