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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I rule the kitchen. ;)

remember i said, stay tuned to my next post.
here is it.

i'm gotta tell the whole world that, I RULE THE KITCHEN! hahaha. not exactly me though, but, im telling you this, i'm not a spoilt daughter, i'm not the one who just know how to eat,shopping,fool around, i'm POR YING YING who knows how to C-O-O-K! sounds cool eh? hahaha. i think im 'geng' enough, seriously, i am. dont you think so? tsk tsk. *wink

stop crapping, i'm gonna show u all the pics as evidence! dont trust me huh? haha. before that, just a brief introduction. it was the 'gloomy saturday' and my darlings decided to go to mydin, too bad Apple wasn't there. if not, i guess we will have much more fun. and we were so lucky that Flame lend us his car, so we dont need to spend money on renting car. Cc drove 3 of us there, eh, damn big lah Mydin. and we even said it looks like Times Square tim. haha. perhaps?

but, i not dare to touch this one. haha

this is quite expensive but it's so nice er. trust me!

awww, my darlings are sweet.

i never cheat on this, this real good man.

finally, i took out my courage, and minced the meat. :D

Elaine can be considered as a good wify..hee

saw or not, i cooked eh! *blek

and finally, here is it! xD

our dishes were, my all-time-favourite, brinjal, and i cooked one kay. then another one was fried sotong, elaine's. lastly, chicken soup.... by xiuxiu. *thumbs up*

cc was invited here and he keep on complaining about the vege, in fact he ate alot too. hahahaha.
our culinary skill also 'high-standard' one kay? hahah. trust me, if not, next time i shall cook you some dishes? :P pls tell my mom about this, or else she will always have the thought that her daugther only knows how to spend money,eat,doin nth at home. in fact, her daughter is so geng. muahahaha. hao lian eh..

btw, thanks for my bestie, BFFs to call me this few days. and yes, i seriously miss you all alot alot alot alot. somehow i wish i could go back to KB rite now, and then meet up with all of you. and dunno why, i started to homesick this few days. but im going to meet up with my parents soon, cant wait cant wait! :P and of course, thanks my darlings to keep me accompany this few days. xo, love you guys.

i admit heartache is unavoidable sometimes, trust me, i wont let it beats me down. i still have long way to go, obstacles are everywhere, this is just one of them, just move on! everything will fade away eventually. little miss splendid is chilling :)

i won't let it happen in my life anymore, no more.

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