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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Foong's Birthday :)

aloha readers ;)

i know i've been lazy to update my blog again. too many stuff to do recently, midterm/assignments all piled up. lol, screw them! shit, econs is not easy man. i seriously have no idea about econs, anyway chinchee did taught me some, atleast i got a lil' idea about econs already. haha btw, just spend some time to update my blog here.

18th of nov was Foong's birthday, same goes to Ruren & Ruyi. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS! haha. wish you guys grow a lil' mature lah kay, like me. *wink

back to the topic, we did a early celebration for Foong @ dreambox last tuesday. it was the night session which buffet was provided. although it quite expensive, but we did enjoyed ourself, don't we? :) i bet jeremy loo was the one who enjoyed himself the most that day! weih, i seriously like the big room le. damn nice one. really nice~~

well, let's the picture do the talking. i'm lazyyy. the mozilla firefox is really irritating, and u know i hate using IE. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. mozilla loves to crash. =/

foong, the birthday boy!!! :P

jeremy kacao. haha

foong doesn't looks like himself rite? haha

here we go for the foods, btw not much taken since i was busy taking food. :P

see? plenty of food on our table.

p/s:their food really not that nice lah, OKOK only lo. still can eat one la. haha


i like this~~~

camwhore w/ the birthday boyyyy :)

this girl getting naughty. haha. APPLE ANG!

me and my dearest mei mei :)

lenglui le..where's another one ahhhh? :P

call me, camwhore queen. :D

half-dead. :P

squeeze my face =/

here comes the cake!

i forget wat cake liao..

birthday boy~

what wish he made? i guess i know *wink

group pic. :))))

superman~~ hahaha

before we left, we spotted a room fulled with balloons. nice shot man~

-end of post -

i gotta do my assignment and study for midterm already!
wish me lucks

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