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Thursday, November 26, 2009


2012 ;

i know i'm really outdated.
i just went for 2012 this evening with my darl darl.
and we bought couple seat u know?
other ppl was like, ?????? when they saw us.
eh the hall damn full,
not us only outdated k? =P

elaine & cc told me that 2012 is not that good,
but after watching it,
i shall give this movie 5stars!
or more?
totally overrated i should say.

me and xiuxiu were like so gan chiong every moment.
the couples beside us must be thinking we were so annoying
that we killed the atmosphere.
haha sorryyyy. but couple seat, really nicer~
we said ady next time if we both go for movie again,
we prefer to spend another 2bucks for couple seat.
bigger space. :P

next movie i gotta watch is TWILIGHT - NEW MOON.
although someone is complaining about this movie,
non-stop & non-stop.
hor? =X
still, i'm gotta go for this movie.

oklah, just a brief post,
to show i already watched 2012.

following is the pic i took with my mei mei.
i love this shoot.
love her as well. =)

-end of post-

he said, put :D on it and dont care anymore.

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