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Friday, October 23, 2009

this ain't good.

got my grade yesterday.
arghhh i knew i screwed them up.
and im glad to have one A-. hahaha.
well, passed all the subject lah.

went to watch Inglurious Basterds yesterday,
*yawn yawn & yawn*
i dont like this movie,
same as my darlings.
only few of them think the movie was nice.
well, i personally think it's quite boring.
what i know is just, brad pitt is always goodlooking =]

how do you feel when ppl who you care is actually denying you?
how do you feel when outsiders are having a totally wrong thought on you
which makes you feel like you're a fool?

if it's me ;

i will be totally lost.
i'd rather give up everything just to make sure they clear out the thought on me.

cause i care.

how can you ask me not to care?
because it's totally WRONG from the fact.

assume that you're NOT but ppl think it's a YES.

i will say to myself
gross folly.

whoever wants to think himself/herself as a fool?
pathetic freak.

enlighten me.
clear my doubts.
simplify everything.

life is a shit.

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