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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

PM04 photo-shooting

hellowww ;

i've been MIA for days. im seriously lazy nowadays. LOL i promised kuoksing to help him advertise an event organized by his college ytd, unfortunately my server was SO down last night, if im one of your friend in msn, you can see that i keep on signing in and out, i cant even send out a msg last nite. wtf is that. lol.

well, im gonna blog about the photo-shooting of PM04, weeks ago. hee. i totally forget about the photos until i read Renee's blog. hahaha. we were changing our spots from here to there and there to here, sigh. finally we found a great spot, that's the corridor beside library, and we even get scolded by the guard for making too much noise. hahaha. =X

first of all, while waiting for them to settle down, me and elaine did something stupid. we asked ron to snap photos of us which we have to show number 1 to number 10 by using our fingers. Adelia joined us after that. hahaha

from one to ten.

oh ya, before that we took some pics in the class too. hahaha. some sampat one lah.. =P
NOTE : i dont even know what was i doing. hahaha. stupid.

yenmei joined us. xD

there you go, the group pics. photos credit to Adelia. xD she brought along her camera, we dont need to buy the pic, it's damn expensive u know...

nice one. =]

Lastly i present the pic i took with the tallest girl in our class! RENEE TAN JOO MAY! hahaha.

- end of post -


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