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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mei Mei's Birthday

Happy happy birthday to mei mei ;

i know this is also a late post, but what to do, im kind of BUSY. hahaha. no lah, im just being lazy to update my blog nowadays. LOL.

anyway, congratez to xiu ting who turned into 18, which she is legal to ALCOHOL too. four of us decided to squeezed in apple's room during the night, and guess wat we did again? haha again, hit the alcohol! u centre lah, sell those kind of thingie. in fact, we just want to test how it tastes, and elaine was right, those were nicer than beer.

from left to right ; apple's, elaine's, ting's & mine.

33 bought this for ting from starbucks.

we were sitting in the balcony and started our so-called alcohol party, with peanuts cap tangan. hahaha. i know we were behaving like ah pek again, but this is wat we called LIFE. haha we must Live our Life with Joy.

cute, proved that 5.0% alcohol can never make us drunk. elaine's face turned red, xiuxiu too, apple'
s skin turned red, me, idk. hahaha. it tastes nice, got fruity taste one. ^^

want to have a look before we all not yet drunk? hahaha.

P/s : can recognize me with the spec or not? haha everyone cant recognize me with that spec. LOL

we were not drunk lah, not that serious okay? haha. pls do not tell my mom abt this? plssss xD
early in the morning we off to gym, so healthy u know, keep fit mah. but after that we cooked maggie with cheese, means all the efforts gone. hahaha. hey, seriously, damn nice one maggie cooked with cheese. *thumbs-up* x 100

and im craving for it nowwwwww. =/

we headed to DP again, no where else to go what. on da way to dp, we saw a lengzai didi. hahaha. 3 of us were so crazy over him, he's goodlooking lea, too bad im not available anymore. HAHAHA. kiddin lah, i just think he's goodlooking and dont have any intention on him too. i think apple lah, want to kao him. hahaha ;p

before we off to dp. camwhore again. LOL

Stopped by brands outlet, take pic again. haha. bumped into celine, ailing & chien wah.

went to watch Rebellion. not bad lah, i personally think not bad. haha. took our dinner @ oldtown after that. very kek sim one, the nasi rendang chicken costs us rm9.50. i think my mom will be scolding me if she heard abt this. haha luckily it taste quite nice if not i sure speechless.

enrich chocolate

cc's. see also know not nice one. haha

we got the same type of watch~~

- end of post -

lol, class till 6pm today, then tmr and friday no more class. siennnnnnn. suggest, where should we go in this historical place? too bad we are now all broke.:((((((((

i nvr knew that counts.

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