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Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's time to blog

Hii ;

it's been a long time i never blog about my outing. fyi, im currently at lcct, stucked at coffee bean while waiting for my flight which is on 1920. LOL. since i'm so damn free & freakin bored now, so im gonna blog now.

oh well, final is now over, here comes another semester after one week break. looking forward? argg..not really? hahaha. about my final, i think i screwed them up, so sorry. i already tried my best but my mood was swinging here and there that time, cause of nonsense. wtf. i should have study more what. grrrr. now im regret, but what to do? blame it on me. :(

take a look at the photos i took at apple's house & lets the photos do the talkin. haha

Apple & Me *laughs

i wanted to blog about the visit to adelia's house, but she still havent upload those photo. so i will just wait for her. so, adelia, if you're reading, PLS UPLOAD THE PHOTOS ASAP! :D

after final, we went to dp & dp again to celebrate. we went dp for 2days continuosly, since hao is going back on friday, while apple & elaine couldn't join us on thursday. although hao was absent on friday, but still we enjoyed the moment, don't we? hahaha. hao, see? i wanna show off to you. blek :P

NOTE : not much photos were taken @ thursday, since we dont have enuff kakiS.
( Kakis refer to Apple Ang & Elaine Wong )

we took our dinner @ char chang teng. expensive but worth a try

LOL whose one i cant recall. haha. btw not mine.

This is MINE! nice but i prefer my mom's.

2 ss king @ brands outlet. they love to take pic with shades nowadays. Lol

so sorry, i guess no more picture. not even me and xiuxiu.

btw we went to watch movie again, ACCIDENT. Conclusion, boringgggg. i was totally speechless after the movie, and when the movie was running, i almost fell asleep. grrr. we should have watched tsunami!!!! off to station one after movie then sent dearest hao to melaka sentral. :)

Friday, we went to dp again. this time we planned to give a surprise birthday for our shuai guan jia, cher chong. KONONNYE, they ruined our surprise, it's not surprise anymore, it's like a very lame celebration. btw, hopefully he likes that lahhh, he should know how sincere we were. hee.

went to dreambox again, cheong K. its been long time ago we dint go to KTV, although not as fun as last time, but still okay lah, right? haha. the girls were pretending to go to toilet during the 'half-time', but we actually went to buy cake. we asked ron to play the song when we were already outside, but they were SO DAMN SLOW that they all already saw us outside. LOL. sien 99. Headed to FunFair after dp, i was like ' not so excited one la..nothing one.. '. In fact, i'm the one who gets most dizzy after the play. cc was right, you will feel like vomit after that, and you can still feel your heart pumping furiously even after few more mins after the thing stops. i was having the same feeling. went to satey celup again, but different location, tis time was at around ong kim wee. the sour plum drink saved me. :) we actually tot of buying lantern but it was too late and dont think there's any shop that sell lantern. we went to seaside again, i love seaside. i can really remained silence that time, NOT acting emo lah weih, just like very calmmmmm. Shall we go there everytime after our outing? :P i guess nothing to write anymore, once again, let's the photos do the talking part.
my lunch before that! :)))))

Choc Banana

mai keh keh shy i tell u. haha


yay mine! u all gave me one, don blame. haha

same best spot to take pic ^^

they kissed a girl =X

genting next sem okay? :)

Chocolate is desperately needed to neutralize my mood now.

It's very true that chocolate makes woman happy & fat too.
atleast it helps. thanks choco.

now i'm suffering.
way too late.

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