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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hometown @ October

I've been MIA for quite a period,
here i am to update my bloggie.
rmb i said wanna update about visit to delia's house?
i will just postponed it since peichin already asked to update abt kb ones.
she said she cant wait to see my pretty face,
or maybe she wanna see hers?

btw, not much photos taken.
since i dont hv the chance meet those misscamwhorries
e. g ; Yibi, Ziekie, Yeeying, Jane. blar blar blar.
NOTE : so sorry, but next time, dont tuition everyday can or not?

lol, why i only get one week holiday everytime?
sien 99.

anyway, i was able to meet up with the UTARians,
i miss them alots.
huan ying & peichin,
they used to be my great classmates aka bestfriends.
went to oriental again. and we took pics in my car.
after that accident happened.
i scratched my car. :(


hardly to take pic. and it was kinda dark.

with the love expert. huanying. haha

my best listener, peichin. =)

the next day, which is the most memorable day of the week.
A bunch of girls, ffk me.
they promised to bring me out after their muet test,
then i got a call from one of them that,
one of them dun hav car,
one of them bo mood,
one of them was sick.
i was so damn freakin down,
but when i was in my balcony hanging clothes,
i saw bunch of them walking towards my hse
with pizzas & presents.

they wanted to celebrate earlier since this yrs im no longer celebrate wit them.
tengkiew babehhhh.
NOTE : those people refer to ChaiHong, XiaoWei, KueiPing, JiaWen, Lilian, Beh, WeiChen, PeiChin.
they bought me dress & a pair of shoes from summit!
thanks xiaoweiiiii.
hee she bought it @ melaka and bring it back to KB.
thanks to those who share the present for me yea. :)
i really like it very much.
so understanding weihh. xD

so i decided to ask them stay at my hse for dinner,
since it's my mom's birthday too.
and she promised to cook something for them.
so it's the time.


why everytime upload at blogger so blur one eh? LOL

the girls.

abit dark. hmmm.

group pics by my mom. ^^

she always brightens up my life. haha chaihong here.

stupid sotong. she gives us lots of jokes. really. noh? xD

lenglui ping~~

yer, ah beh most tall one la.

woohoo! her hair fxcking long one le. hahahaha.

lian ah lian, congratez for ur result. (:

fooruyi @ 187cm. see i also tall one. hahaha.

my mom went to redeem this cake with the renaissance voucher.
although abit ugly,
but it tastes yummy.
*two thumbs up *

really not much photos compared with last time.
im only able to back kb next yrs.
too bad. :(
i really dont feel like leaving kb that soon.
back to melaka,
means get back to reality.
honestly, i dont really looking forward to new semester.
arghhhh. need to wake up early everyday.

oh ya finally i got the chance to sit beside the window.

goodbye KB. :(

nice ones.

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