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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hari Raya @ Delia's House

i know it's kinda late for this post,
but i promised to post this.

im now over apple's house again,
since my hse is totally empty,
i dont wanna sleep alone for 2weeks.
perhaps having a roommate is way better,
in case that you overslept morning,
she will be waking u up.
apple, wakes me up, and i shall wake u up :D

new semester?
morning classes are annoying,
lecturers, no idea.
btw i still prefer Miss Jasline as my eng lecturer,
i miss her loadsssss!

still the same old one as usual.
those fellows. xD

oh ya, fuck man!
yesterday when we were on da way for the end-up-no-dinner,
our car was stopped by the police,
and fuck man, me & the driver never put on seat belts.
then u know lah the consequences, fuck lah yoh.
and now i dont know,
what is the definition for a job of police.
makan rasuah all the time ah?
road block just for them to makan rasuah.
like, they are wearing a super smart POLICE uniform,
in fact, they behave like kind of fucker.
i know, if we dint give them makan also,
we are stupid. kena RM300 lalu,
but i just feel like,
W-H-Y ah?
in short,
they are such a failure.

and next time, pls wear your seat belts.
dont ever let those fuckers have the chance to catch you,
and terrify & blablerring at you

and Surrgoates, NICE MOVIE!
i personally like it very much.
although i was feeling sleepy last nite,
but i was kinda paying much attention on the screen.
nice nice :)

oklah stop those craps.
well, last hari raya was....i've forgotten the date.
2weeks ago isit?
we were all invited to adelia's house for open house.
and served with yummmmmy/delicious/scrumptious foods.
too bad i cant have more, since there were pairsss of eyes watching at me,
even i already had 2plates.

1st one.

2nd. hahaha.

Grapessss! you can see it everywhere in her house.

the girls ;

and delia's hse so damn chio one lah.
i was amazed,
so as them. hahaha

see? got pool somemore. xD

the dart board.

i like this one~~

this one too~~

i was playing with her toy, drsl.

non-stop. xD

group picsss. nice ones!

and thisssss

live like you're dying and never stop trying

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