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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Awwwwwwwesome 18th Birthday Celebration

awwwwwwwwwwesome i should say ;

people, i'm now officially 18 yrs old. cheer for me! hahaha. well, im here to update about my 18th birthday celebration which is the most awesome, cool ones in my life. this birthday is full of surprises, and i like surprise. i mean good ones. woohoo. this is gonna be memorable! :) once again, THANKS YOU! i'm too glad to have ALL OF YOU.

first celebration was held on 15th of october with my so-called family. our HD class ended at 6pm and the girls rushed back home to get change. we off to WindMill for the celebration.

FEEDBACK : this restaurant serves goodfood. :)

Elaine was like : OMG wo de hen hao chi!
i forget whats this called, but it's fish and chip n fried rice thingie.

this is the lamb chop and fried rice thingie. haha.

my Gordon Blue set meal. *two thumbs-up!*

it comes with the mushroom soup and ice lemon tea too.

after everyone finished their dinner, then suddenly i heard a familiar song was playing, then i was guessing is that for me and xiuxiu? haha. when i turned around, yes it was for us! :D the worker carried out the birthday cake with candles on. the moment i was so stone. seriously, idk what should i do and just keep on smiling. :) :) :) like now. hahaha.

Tiramisu from SR.

twins *wink

darlings. :)

CC claimed that it was his lunar birthday too. haha

so blur. will upload in fb for a better view.

Manuel Family's Twins Happy Birthday


birthday girls.

Then we received presents, this is the most interesting part. guess what i got for my present?! kelantanese, SHOOT THEM!! they have a TOTALLY WRONG thought about kelantan's product.
and see what they gave me as present.


they even told me that the seller said that it's high quality one and teached them the way to eat this fish. duh, i still rmb the smell of the fish, and i was yelling at them as well. xiuxiu got a sinchan as her present and me.....salty fish....... i immediately phoned xiaowei and mom. so sad.

i still rmb wat elaine told me ; wo men jiu shi yao kan ni zhe yang de biao qin.
my face was smelly as the salty fish.

so unfair huh? hahaha

we headed to DP for WHITEOUT after that. took photos in the toilet again. abit dark. lol.

apple damn clubbing girl one. haha

xiu touched elaine's butt! haha.

cute teeth! haha

leng mou that day? muahahaha! i kinda love tis dress. ^^

met another bunch of coursemate just in front of us in the cinema. they wanted to give me F&N as a birthday gift summore. hahaha. i was thinking, why my present this yrs so so so ko lian one. haha.

the clock strikes 12am, and my phone started to ring. apple was the 1st one and xiu was the 2nd even they were only behind me. cc and elaine were the 1st one to wish me cuz they jus beside me. hahaha thanks alot people! :)))))

headed to 7-11, bought the beers and off to another new spot - seaside for beer-chilling session. of course the beers come with peanuts, which cc thinks very ' ah pek '. *LAUGHS

apple very hiong one. hahaha

they make use of the peanut-waste. haha

headed back around 2am sth, did received alots of wishes thru facebook too. tengkiuuuuu. ^^ and the surprises were there. i saw a box on the table when i was talkin talkin to apple, then i open it up and closed it again. apple was so FAKE that she asked me whats that, i said idk maybe it's her roommate one. she laugh directly and said it was mine! hahaha. it is a watch from voir, comes with brown colour and a bear decorated with diamond as the background. i was like, awwwwwwww! i tot my present would be salty fish only even i already satisfied with that. they were such good actors! they can act like nothing happen, especially the girl beside me now! hahaha. apple said im stupid. xiuxiu also kena the same trick. lmao

i got brown and xiu got white. thankssssss. :)

came out from bathroom after few more mins, when i cheched my bag i saw another thing. haha it was another present from him. apple secretly put it inside my bag when i was showering. hahah it is a long-sleeve shirt and i like it very much. ^.^ i was smilling smilling & smilling. i will take photo next time when i wear on it okie? thanks D. :)

well the whole plan was perfectly planned by elaine, apple and so on. hahaha. so unexpected huh, esp the salted-fish. hahaha. anyway, i was so touched and im still happy until today. thanks for everything! xoxo.

2nd celebration was with xiaowei,chinchee,siauwei,irene & eutong. and i got another present from xiaowei! haha. i got another dress & a piece of mask. yayyyyyy! i joined them to psr mlm @ malim. next time im surely going again, cuz i miss the curry fishballs. hahaha. oh well, irene brought us to Wings cafe, then i just tot that it's just a simple yum-cha session as firstly we never plan to celebrate anything. they dedicated a song for me, wish me become prettier. haha i just wished that i will become slimmer! xD

i got a phone call from my dad, i felt so warm that my dad wished me happy birthday. came out from the toilet, i saw a piece of cake from zen with a candle on. HAHA. ohdeargod, i nvr expect that much. i nvr notice that cc n siauwei actually went to buy the cake when they stopped at dp for awhile. hahaha. THANKS! :D

i din have any preparation and dont even brg my camera. aiks. even they also plan in a rush but still i can feel their sincerity.

so sweet of them. btw this cake is nice~~~

my bff :)

group pics. ^^

and this is the present from xiaowei. the dress i will take pic nx time when i wear on it too.

Btw Wings cafe was having a game session too. we need to complete a sentence which started with 有时我想念. xiaowei wrote 2 version, then one is for me while another one for herself. we tot that hers will win the prize as that was so hilarious and creative, but mine won. btw it's her effort actually, i just give her the inspiration thru my experience. i got the prize! xD

the goodies bag.

which consists of this,

and this.

although i dont know the singer but it also a prize what. hahaha. i know im lucky.
i've been sitting in front of my lappie for almost 2hrs just to update my blog. gonna get some food downstairs i dont wann let my apple starving again as i already let her starve last night. haha.

btw specially thanks to SanYee and Celine! they even dedicated a blog post for me! hahaha. thanks ya both of you. muacks! =]

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