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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Till The End

Say hey, peeps

Awww, never update my blog since 11th of sept. i was so lazy and i cant think of anything to post at my blog. so today, after spent exactly 2hrs study for my econs, i changed the layout again and here am i bloggin. :) Okay, i'm still outgoing as always, just the venue is the same, and i dont bring camera, so no pic. haha. well, as what i mentioned in my previous post, finals is approaching. SO I'M NOW DAMN HARWORKING K-ING MY BOOKS,

u can always imagine how hardworking i am.
*wink wink

actually i did study lah, i started to worry about my accounting. sigh. this week is already 13th week for this semester, means, 1st semester is going to the end. From 14th week onwards, there will be a study-week, it's also hari raya puasa at the beginning of the holiday. and sadly, i'm going to stuck at Malacca instead of going back to hometown. i guess everyone is going back and have gathering almost everyday right? T___T.
*showing sad face. :(

Btw, it's my decision that not to go back hometown, since i know if i were to go back hometown before final, i will hang around hayaki, kebun sultan, kbmall, oriental, PARKSON & bestie's home everyday, means NO STUDY session. So, do u think i'm wise?
*tsk tsk

i had supper almost every midnight since last week, so, GOD knows and u know what happened. i'm here officially announce, I'M GAINING WEIGHTS!
*scolding shit for hundred times. =X

Hao, CC and Tanfei are the 'kind' people who told me i'm now getting fat, and they keep on 'reminding' me how fat am i, and tryna to help me to diet.
am i right?
*lmao rofl

u can never imagine how harsh are their words and how strict the ways they guide on me. i think i'm gotta get gastric under their watchful eyes. i cant even have more than one meal per day. they even said if i reach the target they set, they will treat me eat whatever i want to eat. see? i should say my life is miserable or lucky to have them in my life?

anyway, i think need to say dengkiew, as they really make me realize how fat am i now. so, i'm now on a diet plan, from today onwards. i mean, i will T-R-Y. :D

although no pic for recent activity, but here is one pic to share. which me and my darlings took weeks ago during the time we were doing our assignments.


sometimes, loser is the winner.
somehow i wonder am i deserve to be the winner, or it just the beginning?
someday, i may be the loser.

but too bad i dont want to.

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