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Friday, September 18, 2009

This Is All About Movies!

Specially for Movie-Maniac! ♥

Undeniably, i'm a movie maniac. i'm kinda fallin in love with the cinema. no matter MBO or GSC, as long as the movies im awaiting for are airing. okay, let's list down the movies i had watched so far @ september.
  • District 9
  • Final Destination 4
  • Imagine That
  • Where Got Ghost
  • The Unbelievable
  • The Ugly Truth
District 9 - This movie is describing some 'ewwww' creatures whom living in a place @ USA. The saviour who was trying to save the world eventually turned to be the same species as them too. I personally think that this movie was kinda okay, but my mei mei hates movie like this, she claimed that it was too disgusting for her. hahaha. btw, i rated it as 3stars.

Final Destination 4 - If you'd watched FD 1,2 & 3, i think you guys know the story line. I mean, the synopsis are almost the same, there are group of people heading somewhere, then one of them is havin some predictions on how those people died due to his sixth sense. In my opinion, i think that FD 4 wasn't that creative, i mean the story line. But thumbs-up for the producer & directors, the ways the people died were CREATIVE. it's beyond my imaginary. BTW, i was screaming n scolding WTF & OMG all the time while watching the movie. i shall give this movie 3.5stars.

Imagine That - woohoo! This movie is about a little cute girl who has been neglected by her all-day-busy-daddy, and she is having imagination about the princess world through her magical blanket called - googaa. Btw, this movie is okay okay only for me, cuz i was expecting they show me some animation animation thingy. but sadly, NO. :( well, i rated it as 2.5stars.

Where Got Ghost? - THIS MOVIE I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU GUYS TO WATCH! It's another brilliant & super hilarious product from Jack Neo. I was LMAOROFL during the movies, ya i admit i did scream for some scene, but mostly i was laughing, laughing & laughing. The actors speak hokkien and chinese , if you dont really understand hokkien, then you can hardly laugh. Btw, i bet most of kelatanese understand Hokkien well. am i right? *smile NO DOUBT, go n watch this movie or get the Dvd, and i rated it as 4.5stars!!! and tell you what, my coursemates still non-stop discussing about the movie, especially, the girl who sells water. LOL

The Unbelievable - Erm, this movie is not a story, it's like a reality-show-movie. Lotsa of disgusting scenes, if i were to eat popcorn at the
moment, i guess, i will throw-out. I dont feel like talkin about this movie in case i encounter nightmare tonight. btw, I rated it as 2stars.

The Ugly Truth - YES. I LOVE THIS MOVIE ALOT! Veteran Katherine Heigl & Gerard Butler made a good couple combination. This movie talks alot about relationship which i'm always interested. this movie is meaningful & sweet. (: i rated this as 4.5 stars too!
Click Here to get into this movie's official website.

I know, i'm super obsess with movies now. but spare me lah, my hometown dont have cinema one, no offense ok, esp for TAN YIBI. She is kind of sensitive with this issue. *laughs

Btw, i'm looking forward for few movies now!!! list down again? no doubt, yes.
  • I Love You Beth Cooper
  • Tsunami At Haeundae
  • The Time Traveller's Wife ♥ ( this is a must! )
  • Love Happens
  • G-Force
  • The Perfect Gateaways.
Although i know i love you beth cooper is going to stop airing in the cinema, but i guess i will watch it on PPS or either someone is gonna download it for me? =P

The movies which i listed above are what im gonna watch if possible, cause i did watched the trailer just now & i'm expecting something good. (:

NOT TO MENTION, the time traveller's wife. this movie is a must, it's going to air at OCTOBER. Dont hesitate to search for the trailler @ youtube, i'm so so so so so so so, looking forward for this movie!!!

above are the pics that i took ytd. dont expect too much, it's only a few.

NOTE : just a brief description for ytd. me and my family went for movies at GSC, we watched the unbelievable & the ugly truth. and that's all! :D ( u know im always lazy at the end of the post )

this is forbidden for someone fat like me. LOL


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