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Monday, September 7, 2009


It's 0320am now ;

I fell asleep at 10.40pm just now, and my roommate wakes me up at 1.42am by screaming there was a cockroach in my room. oh damn it shit you, i hate cockroach alot! luckily she killed the cockroach. phewwwwww~

ohkay, i'm gotta update my blog with the the post entitled 'Steamboat-Night'. It was the first steamboat organized w/ my coursemates, and a great experience too. I love to shop for the food, i love to be busy over picking the veges, i love to walk here n there just to get everything done, i love how people 'praised' me over the 'cocktail' that i made, i love to eat sausage complement with thai chili, i love the scent of herbal soup, i love to eat mee suah alot, and i love to have steamboat with this bunch of friends. :D

* while shopping for the foodssss @ tesco.

After shop at tesco, william fetched us to the shop for the real-steamboat-food-materials. woohoo. we bought alot! :D

* there you go, our steamboat night @ ixora started (:

My favourite piece of pic. *LMAO
" siapa minum air saya, saya patahkan kaki dia "

-adapted from Elaine Wong

Chien Wah & Adeline :D

Jeremy was like " WHERE IS MY CHEESE SAUSAGE? "

Darlings. (:

*yam seng*

They said i was drunk. LOL it's non-alcoholic drink ok?

we were all full, and there were still some food left there. so we just leave it for william, we promised there will be next time. HAHA.

There are always 2nd round in our life, although not everyone was going for the part II, only left William, CC, Hao, Me, Ting & Elaine. We actually planned to go for GOGO KTV @ Jetty, but there were no rooms available anymore. William suggested that we go to the Malacca's beach, whoa. midnight in the beach, wat a good idea. Dont think we were crazy, cause there were still LOTS of people there. Along the wooden bridge, all fulled with people. Luckily we found some spaces to seat.

I was quite enjoy listening to the small waves hitting on the rocks, the moon that shines on us so brightly, the overview of Malacca's Beach, and everything everything everything. Although we remained silence for the first few minutes, but it doesnt feel weird at all, its like we were 'emo-ing'. hahaha.

*camwhore camwhore :P

LOL what was he doing ah?

Time flies, it's gonna be 2nd semester soon. So SAD. why am i feelin so bad about that? although i know we gonna be together again? *sigh. Our next sem's plan, A-R-E-N-A! ON! (:

This week we'd better be hardworking, finals is coming. not fooling around anymore. GOD BLESS


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