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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Elow people, it's SUNDAY today.
I'm gonna share with you all how i spent my friday.
i know i supposed to update it yesterday, but there was another event on yesterday.
i'm gonna post about that asap, kay?

another family day,
but it's not complete without some members.
anyway, we were still having fun that day, as usual.
off to melaka sentral at 2something,
wtf the bus took another hrs to reach melaka sentral again.
we were so rush to the cinema for Final Destination 4.
That was so euwwwwww.
the scene when those people died,
u can hardly imagine about that.
so, go n' watch then u'll know.
let's scream out loud !

then we headed for SHOPPING.
no lah, just window shopping.
but when i walked walked, i saw the radioactive was having sales again,
slippers at RM15,
since i was looking for slippers, so i bought it.
sales kills. :(
oh ya, i bought a ring too! haha.
no other intentiond lah. just saw it quite nice. :D

yeng not? HAHA

while waiting for ting n' elaine.

@ daiso

Cute not? :D


@adidas. it's mine and mei mei. (:

@adidas ours + a giant's foot.

It's dinner time. we decided to eat at De Fun & Tea cafe,
our guan jia said he booked the whole restaurant for us,
in fact, there was no one taking dinner there also.
nice food, nice talk, nice crapppppp.
as always. :D

look like traffic light not?

sweat. hao came here for maggie. LOL






Mine, ting's, elaine's & ron's.

Dessert. (:

The people.

the girls of the night

last but not least, ME. HAHA

after dinner, we went to JONKER again.
it's all hao's suggestion.
then we just walked there lor,
jonker always full with people,
and i met xiaowei there!
haha. malacca is a small small town.
the photos below were taken on the way to jonker.

very blur. where's your skill ? *laughs

Me v Mei Mei

Me v Ai Ling

Me v Mama

Me v Gugu

Finally, i complete my blog.
phewwwwwwww~ blogging ain't that easy as you think.
i'm gotta blog about yesterday asap ok?
cheers people. (:

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