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Thursday, September 3, 2009

F - day II

Dear readers,

First of all, i would like to greet you all, good evening. i'm now have nothing to do, and i know blogging is the best way for me to get out of my boredom. i know my opening is a bit too formal, well i just wanna tukar tukar the pattern. oh well, i'm going to report what i did yesterday.

Me and my darlings coursemates had successfully did all the assignments within 2hours. and we handed in everything today, means, NO MORE ASSIGNMENT this sem! *WOOHOO We decided to go for an outing, dont forget, wednesday is our family day. (: Went to jusco at 6pm, we were looking/aiming for the steamboat's food materials for this saturday. dinner? how can we forget about our dinner? you're right, MCD again. and we treated them for dinner as well, as a compesation for them. especially my cute mei mei, which she thinks she've been treated like an idiot. LOL, everything is clarified now and the status has been upgraded i guess? *LAUGHS

he always that excited, and will comes to moody in the end. HAHA

me & my sista

MaMa & Gu Gu

After that we headed to MBO cinema for District 9, hao and tanfei always wanted to watch that movie. This movie was great too, but there were some freaking disgusting scene, if you're having the same phobia as my mei mei, i suggest you not to watch. HAHA. she paid rm5, just to watch her sweater. *sweat. she was freaked out, and i was freezeddddddd. seriously, this time i was freezing, i guess i've been taking too many cokes before the movie, and i tend to go to toilets for thousand times even after one coke. and i took two cokes, and GOD knows what happened next.........

we actually wanted to movie-marathon @ GSC after that, but unfortunately, GSC was closed. i wonder why? the time was only 11++pm and the counter was all closed. anyway, we loitered around malacca's town, in midnight mode. *WINK we were walking along the silence & lonely street, and we found Station ONE! hell yeah, the singers there were good in their vocal, i enjoyed the songs they sang/played. the drink i ordered was good too, ' strawberry apple orange '. HAHA. CC and his housemates joined us after that. we were playing with our poker, and the brick brick stuff. i dont know what's that called. LOL i remembered i got back my room was already 3am, and i still cant sleep yet. *sighhhhh my sleepin time is now fixed, at 4am only i can sleep. see? am i abnormal? LOL

station one's menu

elaine's drink, nice colour.

mine. straberry apple orange. (:

*failed to get tanfei's attention again. HAHA

see? the two guys between me. LOL

here there are. apple dropped them! haha

i'd rather to take the cam by my ownself. idk whos not so pro one kept on taking blur pic. HAHA

Darlings (:


apple's face cut half. swt

there you are, driver of the night. HAHA

Finally comes to an ending already. i'm gotta out for an outing again tomorrow. this week is occupied, fully i mean. and next week, gotta study okay?

Ying Ying

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