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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


aloha people ;

I always love blogger.
& i always love to blog.
& i always love to blog about random stuff or even lame stuff.

here i am again. *heeeee

i skipped my accounting class again. no point what i attend also i never pay attention. it's better for me to stay at my room. anyway, i still promise myself, i will pass my accounting subject, no matter what. hopefully. *fingers-crossed

duh, u know what. i'm abnormal again. i was wondering what's wrong with my PMS. no wonder i'm always craving for food recently, choc especially, and it made me gained weight. zzzz. I even had my menstrual pain last night. *SIGH

the happiest part of today was, i received the pineapple tart from my mom today! yay! she asked fiona which is my senior gave it to me, and i just finished half of it just now. it's like a special-love-delivery-homemade-tart for me. *wink

things to be done tomorrow :
♥ fees payment.
♥ accounting assignment
♥ E-N-J-O-Y ( i mean after we done the assignment )

yayyyyyyyyyyyyy. after tmr, everything will be completed. but i must accept the fact that finals is approaching soon, knockin the door SOON. after this week, i'd better sit down n' study. means,
this week, we gotta P-L-A-Y H-A-R-D!

camwhored and edited. forgive me lah, i was bored. haha

NOTE : imy imy imy imy imy

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