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Sunday, August 30, 2009


i know my title is lame,
because i'm always scratching my head for the title,
so now i just put watever on my mind.
the most important shud be my post,
not da title right?

everyone knows i love MCD.
i was craving for it since last week.
i used to take mcchicken once a week eversince the mc value lunch promotion started.
last week i nvr take it at all,
and today i am totally satisfied!
so happy to see MCD logo when i was in the bus to DP.

MCD always my top preference among all those fastfoods.

i was with chinchee and xiaowei the whole noon.
the bus took about an hrs to reach melaka sentral.
i was sitting in the bus, lookin at the kononnye-cantik-scenary outside the window
'emo-ing' as well.
no lah i was just thinking of something,
or someone? =P

went to the shopping mall,
doin the usual routine,
hang around Padini, as always,
and i spotted a sales in the centre!
i cant believe what's in front my eyes.
radioactive mini skirts and shorts for only RM 10!
so as xiaowei.
and yay i found one mini skirt in navy blue!
this time i'm able to control myself,
it's xiaowei who cant control herself this time.
haha. she bought more than me this time.
she bought 2 pieces of skirt, then a pair of shoes!
call her shopping maniac.
& call me, miss wise.

i actually wanted to buy flats,
but i cant find any i like.
plus waitin for vincci for big sales.
i'm always a big fans of vincci.

we just hanging around everywhere we can,
hangin around carefour too,
i was doin research again for the prices.
i like to do that, always.
just compare the price lah,
even i saw the price cheaper also i dint buy.
just my hobby when hang around the store.
duh, it makes me feel lk im an old aunty
who just wanna buy cheap bargains.

went to mp as well,
weih ahhh,
i like kitchen's dress alot!!!
so damn one,
out of 10pieces of i found 9 i like,
but no $$.
when i got the $$,
i will come back

another stops were bg & wc.
was lookin at the guy's tops.
i cant really find anyone suit for him.
i was actually lookin for somethin more lk simple one,
which he usually wears.
but sadly, no. lol
it's my another hobby too.

we took our dinner at newton,
and we 'accidentally' met ron and his frens over there.
and his fren told me a funny story of him when he was young,
wanna know?
ask me ask me!!!
ron, dont scold me!
gimme more mentos then i will seal my mouth.

this is the 1st time i been to newton actually.
i been to old newton before,
but not ' new' newton.LOL
then i just simply snap snap the pictures.

this durian cendol did not satisfy my tongue. =(

cost me RM5 but so damn FULL lah weih!!!

i was talkin talkin w/ ron
and we missed two panaroma bus.
we took the town bus back to melaka sentral at 8pm,
n we reached mmu at 10pm.

its 0112 now.
i've been spending lots of time for this post again.
wasn't really concentrade on bloggin too.

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