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Friday, August 28, 2009

Treats! (:

i woke up at 1pm yesterday,
i tot i will be taking biscuit & choc drink as lunch again.
Justin which is my senior was asking me whether wanna go for satey babi ornot.
and absolutely, i nodded my head.
if not, i'm going to be bored again.
the whole noon & night.

so he came and picked me up when i'm done,
we made our way to limbongan for satey babi.
honestly i never try satey babi before
since my hometown never have such food.
tastyyyyyy~ :)
and thanks justin for the treats!
he said it's the first time he brought me here,
so as a senior, he take it as treat me.
HAHA thanks lots anyway

left the last 2 satey.

and its only cost us RM19.70. idk considered cheap or not lah. haha then, justin's fren, alex recommended us to go for a roadside stall,
which nearby his house.
for coconut shake!
and once again, i never try before.
haha it's a nice one.
cuz i like to chew chew the coconut pieces.
you all should try once!
and again, Alex treated us.
i saved another 2bucks.heee
thanks! (:

what a dayyy.
which i got free lunch :)
haha after that went to MMU corner for dinner
with xiaowei and chinchee.
haha. actually i was quite full,
but idk why i just wanted to eat something.
*sigh* fat girl.
haha we were too bored then we just headed to U centre,
nowadays loitering in Ucentre have became one of my favourite,
i guess not only me,
my family too. =p

back to the topic,
three of us were sitting at foodcourt chatting abt nowadays 'issue'
and we decided to go dp tmr.
since it's been ages ago we hang out together.

got back at 10pm++
i told ron that i was bloggin around 11sth.
but do u know whats the time now?
i was busy chatting w/ D & yeeying.
haha. now finally i done bloggin.

aha, told you already, little miss splendid can never fails to camwhore.
whenever she is, she just camwhore camwhore camwhore.
forgive me
but walk away if you dont like.

it's gotta be a good good night.
so good night world,
goodnight D.

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