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Friday, August 21, 2009

Those were the days.

Remember i promised that i will post about my secondary sch life?
here i come.
i'm dead bored right now.
study? arghhh. not at noon baby.

stop talking crappppp.
just reminisce the moment we were together.
seriously, i started to miss it already.
i still vividly remember
how we pissed the teacher off,
how we took our meal at class even teacher was teaching in front,
how we bitched together,
how we gossiped about the LATEST NEWS in school,
[esp during recess time]
how we stalked at others,
how we went to toilet in big gang without permission,
how we get caught by prefect when we failed to obey the rules,
how our hair get cut by the teacher,
how we get caught by AH SIR and completed funny punishment,
how we get fined during eating at da class
how we bullied JACKY MA,
how we fooled around with classmates,
how we practice our dikir barat, singing contest.

honestly i think that secondary school life passed so fast,
i admit it was fun, it was the great experience ever.

best moment ever in my sec sch life. 4sc2

stupid jiawen said my head looked smaller here. LOL.

i remember that day was gotong-royong day. :)

we get changed before the competition.

sweetie pie ziekie.

yay! we were the champion!!! :D

we celebrated our achievement at PCB. always PCB.

It was me and qi's birthday bash! and choc indulgence is always the best. :)

yea, i missed the moment the most when i was form4.
and now i'm already 18, means 2years after that.
although i wasn't in the same class when i was form5,
but i still stick to them, as always. :)

this was taken during CNY 2008. creative not? xD my BFF!


5sc4 - my class when i was form5 :D

i was no longer active in competition that time.

so, i disturbed them.

and we took photos!

and another hug from jane!

GRADUATION DAY! my gang. haha

and i'm bored again.

tomorrow will be another boring dayyyyy.
dont wanna go to town anymore,
save money to treat my family MCDs.

as always, imy.

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