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Monday, August 31, 2009

National Day


Although this post is not specially dedicated for my country, errr you know, i'm not that patrotic. & i never care about national day, furthermore i dont even sense it this yrs at all. why ah? btw i went to jusco, i tot there would be a BIG MERDEKA SALES today, but it turned out to be just a very common sales, and those bargains are not really cheap though. so, i bought nothin. luckily there is a MCD over there, and i'm quite satisfied with it. *heee

3 set Mc Chicken, and another set missing.

YAY! this make me happy, as always. (:

i wasn't acting emo lah. *blahhhhh

okay, as you know, i'm always that lame. since i cant get anything i wan from jusco, i just capture capture anything lah. so people, let's lame-lame bersama with this super lamer here. *laugh (lame)

told ya ady, i'm that lame, as usual. *wink
you can choose not to read if you dislike, i'm always okay with it. *hehe

credits to phang for photos taken below.
although i dont really satisfied with those pics. *laughs

and here is a very strong recommendation from fattie ying here, cinnammon raisin bread from Patisfrance. i'm kinda addicted to it! (:

oh well, i thought i will be staying at my room this four days to do my revision, awww i'm sorry. next week, perhaps? there are 3 assignments i need to submit this week, i have done 2, and another one, i shall leave to to my members, since they're so pro in accounting & their leader is a super-sucks-noob newbie in account. *hee

NOTE : i know you all can do it, right my clever darlings? :P

P/S : i've deleted the camwhore photos i uploaded ytd. i found it's kinda annoying, with the optical illusion. *laughs

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