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Thursday, August 13, 2009

LOUSIEST Internet Line Ever!

well, i'm abnormal now.
i started to sleep at 2am or even 1am nowadays,
all the ep's line's fault!!!
wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf
i can scold this for hundreds times.
making me up and down.
i maybe will be disconnect from the internet soon.
i cant tell when,
i never knew.

do u know that internet is now important to me?
without internet,
NO facebook,
NO blogger, [atleast now its working]
NO twitter.
and the most important thing,

somehow i just wanna give up on the internet
just lay on da bed,
texting, listen to 3mins33secs.

shit u damn ep's line.

dont u know that the internet is now very important to everyone of us here?
especially on the night.
it's the most peek period compared to others.
but now u're telling us that there's a problem
and u cant tell when u can fix it back?!


*aggresively typing on the keyboard*

i can be very very pissed,
somemore, i'm on my abnormal PMS now.
i'm polite enough person.
so fxck off internet line!
dont say im rude.
i'm polite k :)

luckily there are plans waiting for me this weekend.
if not,
i'm going to die in my crib here
without internet,
we can all d.i.e
little miss splendid.

u know what i know.

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