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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yesterday i admit i was exhausted and i slept for 10hrs!
well, frankly, i was having lots of FUN!
and hey please do not tell my mom i went to town kay?
she's going to KILL me.

let's make a name list.
1. [x] hao aka papa
2. [x] elaine aka mama
3. [x] ron aka kao fu
4. [x] apple aka gu gu
5. [x] foong aka so-called brother.
6. [x] ying ying aka jiejie
7. [x] ting aka meimei
8. [x] CC aka guan jia
9. [x] TAN FEI aka xiao shu/neighbour/watever.

overall everyone attended yesterday!
a poor family reunion. swt.

we headed to melaka sentral at 10sth,
met ron at there.
and i measured my height and weight.
and i believe this is totally ridiculous!
btw im nt going to tell. =p

so we off to DP, surprisingly,
girls did not make any shopping ytd,
while guy were shopped for clothes.
and we did gave them our wise opinion on clothes.

taken at the toilet. LOL



ron's [ but he bought another piece ]

mirror is always girlfren's bestie!

he says : " nice background "

they bought 3pieces for RM50 in the end.
i saw few clothes that i wanted to buy,
but what to do?
im poor little girl. =(
well we went to MCD after that.
MCD was my plan, because i'm lovin it. :)
you should understand that there will be only a few photos during eating,
when comes to eat, means EAT totally.

i saw this on the way to MCD. buy me some pls.

fries x 10000000

sweetttttt apple aka gugu.

my mom who loves me the most. kononnya. hahaha

YAY! after our lunch we off to DREAM BOX.
the most awaiting moment.
we actually signed up for the member ytd,
and we sang for 4hrs thats from 1pm to 5pm.
really drop this time.
and ah foong and cc's voice was really awesome!
we all love how they sing together.
when they sang, was the only moment we sat down n listen quietly.
this shows, how we enjoy their singing.

i wonder why there are so many mirrors at dp?

they dont wanna me to join. =[

my free drink, sakura!

sorry if we bored u guys last nite. :(

the guyssss. 2 were missing since they do not enjoy singing lol

undeniably, girls love to sing than guys.

ying ying said yeahh~

i remember it was S.H.E hitz.

do you guys know why i keep on standing at the side?
cause i'm the one who ran here and there to push the timer button!


well, little miss yingying never fails to camwhore.

after that, hao & tanfei met us at Daiso.
they can never pay any interest on sing K.
in fact we took lots of photos,

and mostly is tanfei's.

because he was so refused to take photo,
well i dont care abt what copyright thingy,

i will just upload.

cheerssssssssssss! :D

we headed to jonker and took our dinner. there are some photos in apple's camera.
so just take a look at facebook. :)

mr tan fei, i still remember what u told me at this moment. HAHA

can u see how reluctant was he to take picture? *shaking head*

well dude, this is better. :) keep this up!!

we cannot blame the photographer's skill. must forgive him. :(

*spotted* tan fei threw rubbish at jonker. do u know what was he trying to do?
he was trying to block the rubbish for us.

in fact he wanted to be the centre in our pic.

1st attempt, cannot get tan fei's attention.

finally we succeed on 2nd attempt.

they desperately need rest, so as the camera girl. :(((((

i brought my camera and i took pic of them. damn sad! T______T
btw, spot what was tanfei trying to do?

so cute my family. HAHA

ohwell, i dont wanna bring camera next time! hahaha

after that we walked back to DP again,
to watch G.I JOE.
well, what a great movie i can say!
although i was tired,
but i just cant fall asleep during the movie.
tanfei fetched us to habeeb,
cause our guan jia wanted to watch football.
i off earlier, i guess arsenal won?

phewwww~ there are still lots need to upload at facebook.
so i gotta off here.
dont be surprise i cant online often.
i hate ep.

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