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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yesterday was the HARI BERSAMA PTPTN,
what the tu.
i was extremely exhausted yesterday.
woke up at 7am and we ran here n there just to get everything done.
u know what?
i actually need to sign everything on behalf of my parents.
and thanks tanfei to sign on behalf of my dad. hahahaha.
i learnt a lesson, NOT TO BE SO STUBBORN NEXT TIME!
need to listen to others as well,
do no just follow my mind and ignore others.
btw, i just remember that i forgot to inform the officer abt my status.
i dont care anymore.

when i got back from campus that was 10pm,
i slept from 11pm to 10am this morning.
and sorry to people that i do not manage to chat with u all,
cause my energy bar was empty.
we chat tonight k?

ok, PTPTN is now done,
shitty fees payment.
i'm now not yet 18, means i cant pay through CIMB clicks,
therefore, my roommate teaches me one way,
that's using withdrawal slip then pay it using the cash deposit.
i am still wondering. how if it cant works again?
CIMB officers are not that friendly,
they do not actually teach u how to pay,
and keep on asking us to ask our finance officer,
but then our finance officer said we can pay through cimb clicks too
even we're underage.


last weekend was absolutely boring!
ep line was sucks and everyone knows that,
i cant online for weekend,
then, i never hang out too,

this weekend is going to be more and more dull.
since mostly of my coursemate are going back to their hometown,
and no study for MONDAY.
so, there will be 4 boring days.
i wanted to hang out, but i need to save it for my family day
ohhh & my debts.

last friday i actually went to UV to meet my friends,
but just for a while
i was tired that time too.
and i dont know W-H-Y.

their swimming pool is awwwwwwwwesome!

i'm lame but so what?

spot what was xiaowei doing. hahaha

me and the funny funny funny funny you tong! haha

i was in da gym.

say yeahh to me. :D

i was hiding from what?

after that we headed to becky & yeewen's house.
they actually designed a timetable which i think it's so pretty.
look at bottom.

and can u see jiawen's face?


miss u heaps!

& now, i'm now addicted to Never say Never again.

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