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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dinner @ Xing Garden Restaurant

Well, this is a late post.
in fact i'm going to blog 2 posts today.
you guys know hardly i can online nowadays.
i can online now doesnt mean that i can online later.
so i have to APPREACIATE now.

on thursday night, me and my beloved family were having dinner,
at xing garden restaurant which located at the BB plaza.
although some of our family members were missing that night,
but we can still feel their spirits there,
and we even saw one of them nearby the restaurant.

our appetizer.

nice not? my mama loves it so much =D

I dont know what's it called but it is a marmite thingy.

there you go, people =)

our ' guan jia ' he takes care of us in every aspect.

chill, loving each other. <3>

well, we were staying at there for like, 2hrs? hmmm.
we were actually investigating our guan jia's love life.
dont be sad. T_______T
even he's not sad at all.

and guess how much we need to pay for our dinner?
oh ya there was a soup somemore.
the total its only RM48
which means we just need to pay RM10 per person.
it's worth isn't?

next time, our whole family will be attending the family dinner.
so hopefully u guys will attend arhhh,
our dearest xiao shu.

share some photos taken by us during we were doing assignment.
we did answered some questions okay,
but we promised next week will absolutely start the thingy.

credits to my meimei,
she edited it. :)

going to post another one SOON. :)

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