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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Days @ Hometown.

Good evening people! =D
i'm currently in melaka already.
and i felt so guilty for not being patient this noon,
the transport fare really killing me,
and so my parents.
can you believe that the taxi fare is much more expensive than my flight ticket?
why is government likes to raise the bus fare & taxi fare?
dont feel like talking about that anymore.
and this is going to be a LONG LONG LONG post.

okay, lets go for the day one in my hometown.

2nd of AUG 2009 SUNDAY

firstly, was rebecca phoned me and she wanted to come over my hse,
told ya ady, rebecca and yeewen cant wait to see me.
they miss me! =P
chitchatting always do when you're w/ friends.
then we off to kebun sultan for dinner.
there were a miserable story before we went to kebun sultan,
& im not going to mention it as well.
*laughs non-stop*

[yibi, here's your promotion! HAHAHA ]

what i miss alot.

i know his dad is going to KILL her when he saw this. haha

after that we headed to hayaki to meet bunch of them.

we met Madam Teoh, she was my addmath teacher when i was in form5.

did you guys saw the HUNDREDS picture i uploaded at FB few days ago?
that's right.
we did that from around 8pm sth to nearly 10pm.
we admit that we LOVE to take picture alots.
kinda addicted to webbies.
thanks to my darling lappie. =]
dont worry im not going to upload hundreds picture here,
i will just select my favourite piecesss.

i know i was keep doing the same pose,
my bu shuang face.
and i kinda addicted doing that.
dont you think my face is so chubby nowadays?
my parents and sinpin were telling me the same thing.
ahhhh, maybe i need a diet.

ok now, whole bunch of us.
[xshenggggg, you should have jumped higher. ]

3rd of AUG 2009 MON

i woke up early in the morning,
when i say EARLY,
it means, goddamn early.
5.45am if not mistaken.
i followed my mom to school cause i 'dated' them to take breakfast with me.
they are xiaowei, and the schooling jiawen, kueiping and ah beh.
obviously, we didnt take any picture that day.
my mom dont allow me to enter the school,
so i just gave up and went to pick steven at the railway station.
he never let me tell anyone he's back,
so i just keep quiet until the night comes.
i invited chaihong, xiaowei & jiawen come over my hse at the night,
when steven ong appeared in front of them,
HUGGING somemore.
and again, we never bother to take picture that day,
heart-to-heart talk. <3
too bad that kueiping never turn out that day.

4th of AUG 2009 TUES

my brother was so sick, we sent him to the clinic
and my plan to mall was ruined. luckily he's now fully recovered.
and not it's my mom's turn.
LOL hopefully she will get well soon.

5th AUG 2009 WED

i met up w/ sanyee!
oh dear, we both miss each other alot.
picked her up around 7 and off to oriental for dinner.
and we met michelle at there.
she was there w/ her mom.
and of course, chit-chatting for all the time.
and GOOD LUCK for sanyee,
she's going to pursue her dream at inti college soon.
all the best and take care babe! <3>

i planned to rush home after sent sanyee back,
since my parents will be killing me
if i were to late than 10pm
[ i know i know, my parents are strict ]
but my mom called and said she's not yet home,

so i managed to meet up with ruyi and teeley.

we went to JIMI cafe which is SO expensive,

[right ruyi? next time i be the one pay the tax lorrrr ]
and ruyi kept on helping me to take candid shots.

lets see how PRO was him. :D

these are the candid shots from me. ^^

these are the candid shots from ruyi.

i cant deny that the 2nd one is so nice! haha thanks anyway. you really pro lahhhh.
*clap clap*


and this one is from myself to myself. hahahaha.

6th of AUG 2009 THURS

i actually had many plans that day, but part of them ruined.
sorry to miss chee, i promise, n
ext sembreak,
you have the priority,
we going to have pillow talk okay? :D
btw, i went to yeeying's hse,
too long time never have a good conversation w/ her.
i told yeeying and siauhom everything about my life.

and we did captured lots of photos too.
and remember what i mentioned last post,
she's the one i wanna promote.
drop me comment.
too bad my cam was low batt,
we still have another way lah of course.

that's why we love phone camera. :D

hais, i wonder why are they so TALL?

the moment passed and another moment came. i asked chaihong came over my hse.
since my mom dont let me go out anymore.
while i went out to buy food,
which i was so reluctant to do so and quite pissed that time,

i was so SUAY that i knocked the gate at my hse.
my brother was so LOUD to me.
nly a small tiny part dented
yet i felt guilty too. hahaha.

7th of AUG 2009

there was supposed to be a gathering during the night,
but so unlucky that my mom was sick,
and the plan ruined again.

SO SORRY to disappoint all of you.
next sembreak next sembreak kay?
promise :D
and another plan that i planned for so long ady,
of course still going on lah. that's going to MALL.
cause i used to go to mall every friday when i was school-less.

go there not the purpose of shopping,
the main purpose is MCD,
and the second, stalk & gossip. hahahaha

asked along hauheong, xinjie and chengwei w/ us.

we did what we usually did at da school.
and of course,
their existence always made us laugh till side-arching.
for quite a long time ady never heard their jokes.

met zeeyong there. he was together w/ chinchee and weichen.

BFF forever. :)

and i was so touched that heong gave me a present. although it's not shoes, shirts and clothes, but it's so sweet of him that he took my words seriously. HAHA. and after that he become so popular. many ppl is booking with him now. hey, thanks me also! hahaha. anyway, THANKS!!!

I bet this is the longest post ever.
i started at 8pm sth and ended at 11pm.
there are some short break in between lah.

enjoy my post people! :D

current favourite
Not Meant To Be - Theory of A Deadman
NOTE : thanks to mrrrrr.t who sent me.
im kinda addicted.

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