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Sunday, July 12, 2009

weekend spent w/ little miss sunshine, little miss star and little miss wise.

i know the previous post is abit too over.
and someone seems cannot accept it.
he is disappointed on me.
i was once had the thought of deleting the post,
but think twice, thrice or watever lah,
not going to delete it.
im sorry for that.

and mr dennis was laughing at me.
he's going to laugh me tmr.
and is he whom hit my counter to 1000times.

u know how much i love my weekend,
its so freeeeee.
and i can always spend my time w/ my best friends.
of cos its time for shoppinggggg. =D
i tot i can control myself for resist those temptation,
but i failed!!!!
and now im broke again.
bread and biscuit will be my meal from next week onwards.

stop talking about the issue.
lets talk about how i spent my weekend w/ those mad ones.

we woke up at 10am and waited for the bus for an hrs!
*sigh* the unsystematic bus schedule is really frustrating.
we were all starving and took our lunch at melaka central.
and there were something hilarious happened during we were taking our lunch.
lazy to mention at here.
ask me if wanna know ok?

' kak, beri kentang boleh tak? ' rofl

we headed to dataran pahlawan,
and we saw MY FM deejays there.

not too excited because we are not really interested w/ them =D

while waiting for yeewen and rebecca finish their ice age,
me and xiaowei went to few stores.
she wanted to buy a new heels,
but she cant find anyone.

i like the lower part, the upper part seems abit too loose. rm49.90 [just try only]

i like this one!!! but expensive. rm89.90. i'd rather spend @ kitchen.

and we rested near the water fortune there.
and took few funny pictures.

1. showing tongue without open my eyes.
2. showing tongue and my eyes open.
3. showing tongue and peace. [ eh not acting cute
ah, its just for fun. =D ]
paisehh nye do all those poses. =P

what a nice top. its in Brands Outlet. but i never buy it.

camwhore again. ishh.

can u see whos the most excited one? MUAHAHAHA

i look so fat here! YERHHH!!!

this trishaw brought us from dp to jonker. nice ride, must try!

night scene near the bridge.

me & little miss star & little miss wise. =]

ohkay, after that we headed to jonker street.
too many ppl lah.
i barely breath and hardly walk.
and we bought 4 cute tops there.
finally i found the bag i wanted for so long.

oh dear, we met a big fat taxi driver.
he is a round fat old man,
and keep on spliting on the road.
dont take his TAXI!!!
he was shaking his head all the way back.
and he was grumbling at us.
he tot he is very mighty that he sent us SO far away from town to water city.
then i was like 'rm25 rm25 give him' !
i felt like wanna slam his lousy taxi's door.
and kick his fat ass.
Is it chinese cannot treat chinese a little bit better?
duhh i miss the indian taxi driver.
i should have get his number!!!

what a fxcking taxi driver,
but im fxcking happy because im having lots of FUN.
ignore that fat ass

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