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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Transformer 2 what a nice movie. =D

People, i've watched Transformer 2 yesterday. =D
w/ bear, yeewen, xiaowei and chinchee.
omgggggg, its cool.
although i know i'm abit late for this,
and i supposed to watch ice age 3.
but dont forget im a very good and hardworking girl,
i only hang out during weekend.
[ someone is not blinking her eyes while tells lie. ]

yahyah i know megan fox is the best. =P

btw. i'm always broke.
and i dont understand w-h-y.
seriously, i dint spend on clothes, YET this month.
but i'm now saving money so hard that i only ate bread today!!!
seriously, 3 bread for a day.
shhhh keep this as secret.
dont worry mummy, i'm not going to over the budget anymore.

btw, yesterday we were actually met up with shu wei.
after she finish watching Ice age 3 she met up w/ us at the 5dollar shop.
and we off to OLD TOWN cuz the queen wanted to have lunch.
queen = shuwei. =)

mine and cc's

here only they were serious. HAHA

not bad lah. serious lagi.

see? their true colours. =D

guess whos that? HAHA

what a good & professional photographer. omggggggg xD

another nice picture. i adore the photographer!!!

shu wei is getting prettier. isn't? or my camera too good. HAHA

cheers girls. peace =D

the time flies, shu wei was rushing to her school.
she dont wanna get prohibited.

and she's going back to KB next week.


i want to go back too.
i miss my family and friends so badly.
and i miss the food.
i knew i already mention for dono-how-many-times,
it shows how much i miss you guys lorh. make sure you guys available okay?
i just wanted to meet up w/ u guys.

buuu, i bought the laser printer already during the IT fair. it's CANON LBP 3050. it costs me RM370.

they encourage us to buy the laser printer,
since we as a student gotta print out tons of online notes,
so laser would be the best.
although quite expensive,
but the ink lasts for long time.
so after considering such a long time,
i decided to buy one.
and my parents agree! =D

k. i've been blog for this for 3hrs already.
because i wasn't paying full attention to blog
i was chatting.

where's your call? i'm waiting!!!

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