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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Just finished my oral presentation.
Well, our group was presenting about
the advantages and disadvantages of earth hour.
we were the 1st group
and surely, i was shaking like hell.
my hands were shaking and my mind went blank.
i forgot what was i talking about
and i just kept on looking at my cue cards,
my meimei & miss jasline.
assuming that only both of them watching me.
i was stucked when i was presenting disadvantage.
and the culprit was the one,
wearing G2000!
he was making funny faces & showed me picture of mine!
i was like
' WHAT THE xxxx! '
then my mind suddenly went blank.
thanks god, i did my homework
that i copy down some in my cue cards.
and continue.

hey, i know you're reading this.
dont think that i'm already forgiving you kay?
buy me a pair of heels from Vincci,
a dress from Forever 21,
a tees from PDI
a jeans from Roxy,
& a ice-cream treat from Baskin Robin,
i surely forgive u.

there was a Q&A session,
and there were 2 girls asking some questions
which i think is quite lame.
and thanks to sheenee,
her intelligence are able to answer their lame ques.
i wasn't being mean,
just, sometimes, we dont need to purposely point out others' flaws.
it's my fault this time for delivering wrong messages K?
what the tu.

after that,
i was like,
and started to taking pictures of others.
uploaded MOST of them in fb already.
there are some i never upload yet.
i wanna leave it to my blog,
only my blog readers have the chance to see those.
[so, visit my blog more! ]

ohh, forget to mention,
My mei mei's group was quite good.
especially MR TAN. :D
good job dude.

ok, done w/ all those big group photos.
NOTE : please do not doubt my darl's performance.

[darl = camera ]
its just the photographer's problem.


here comes the camwhore and some series photos.
and im going to upload in small size.

ohkayyy, finally i've done.
finish blogging,
of course start to study already.
if not, i will felt sorry for myself.
since i skipped the account class.
i just felt that,
if i were to attend the class,
i will start to day-dreaming again,
gahhh, stay at home better.

well, need to study also lah,
cannot face to the lappie 12hrs.

guys, i'm coming back,
cheer cheer chill chill. (:

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