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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Gonna Be A Long Post

Ellow people, here i am again, posting another post. But this is going to be a boring post, since i dont have pictures. I realized that my posts are always full w/ pictures, and that's why im always lazy to write more. I think, i should write more sometimes. hmmmmm. well, im going to have my accounting midterm test tomorrow. i know i'm a newbie in this subject, but i never try to put any shit effort on it, i dont even pay attention during lecture class, never do the homeworks given by lecturer, and now i'm goddamn regret. hopefully my work at eleventh hour may help me out although i know, GOD never bless people whom are lazy. and now, the time approached, means im now no longer facing the papers, workbooks and notes about accounting, i'm facing my love ones, lappie.

i've lots to spill out. but there are some sensitive, so im not going to post it here. still, lots to spill. im not feeling tension over the midterm, im just feeling stress WHY im not feeling tension over the midterm. can u get what i mean? gahh, i need to get rid of this attitude so that i wont feel guilty to my parents who sent me here. seems like everyone is working hard on their studies and having a hectic lifestyle, but i'm the one who is always having fun. when the result released, i think i will learn my lesson. i will only work hard when i face failure.

okay, i admit most of the time im fooling around w/ everyone, but when it comes to serious stuff or commitment stuff, when i say NO means NO. i never break my promises. and i know how to control myself. hey, i'm a considerate person also kay? =P dont think i'm always kidding and never take things seriously, i do take things seriously one. i will only fool around things that i think it's not important and not harmful to the person.

and ohh i hate people treating me like a small child as if they are elder enough to teach me and control me on everything. dont give me such advice that i've to study hard if you're not my parents or bff or bf. i know what am i doing k?

please i need some spaces. i'm having my own life right now, and you should get one. sooner or later you have to stand on your own feet. do not rely on me on every aspect, this will make me a burden, and i will think that it's my responsibility to make a decision for you, consequently, i'm going to be stress over the decision i made for you.


i'm going back to kb this saturday. i know i already mentioned for hundred times already, but spare me lah. i cant hide my excitement and overjoy when i know that i can meet up w/ you guys. i'm going to tell u guys nothing but everything in my life here, in details! i miss my family, seriously. especially my mom and my youngest brother. i wonder did he grow taller? HAHA. and another brother as well. i wanna buy him a key chain, but i think i cant make it. sorryyy :(. if got chance im surely get one for him & i know he will be loving that key chain lotsss! ahhh, my dad, felt so sorry for him that i do not talk much w/ him when i was in KB for 18yrs. i miss him too, i will try my best to talk more w/ him when i get back to kb. Congratulations to him that he was granted a status from our Sultan or Agong. [ HAHA, i'm so sorry that i do not know whats that and dont even know who's the one who granted him the status ]

Thanks to readers who read till the end

dear GOD, i'm falling deeper..

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