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Thursday, July 2, 2009


HAHA wondering why am i so free everyday?
hanging out here and there.
and getting know new friends?
yea, indeed. i went out w/ NEW coursemates just now.
they have got cars, that's why we're so good.
hiak hiak.
kidding lah. i know someone is reading this.
[ dont laugh mr. beckham! ]
i just wanted to thanks you all lah. if not we sure all bored like hell today.
hehe. thankss lorrhhh. sincerely one okay?

we actually planned to go to the GOGO karaoke,
but xiuting was hungry and we decided to take our meal at mahkota there first.
then when we finished it was too late.
because we need to sing atleast 3hours. but some of them is going to watch eason chan tonite
Eason is coming to our campus tonight.
so we just hanging around there and went to the tiny box there to satisfy our desire to sing
but u know, this can never satisfy us.
what i know is, we were camwhorring all the time.

i bought this and i love the scent alot!! =D

mahkota food court. actually i was testing my camera. hehe.

xiuting and elaine were so hungry. pityyyyy.

guys started to eat and girls were waiting. UNFAIR!

i'm only the one with short hair. i wan keep long hairrr!!

sam pat girls.

peace elaine & apple (:

ishhh. u know lah. we are all miss camwhorrie. and i found one mr camwhorrie.
yerrr, he likes to take photo and set as our wall paper.
HAHA. so damn funny.

he said he looks good in this picture worrrrrrrhhhhh.

the guy with white is sissy while the guy with black is so LENGZAI!!!! seriously!!

of couse, i've been waiting for so long for my satey celup.
finally i have the opporturnity to taste it.
conclusion, NOT so tasty lahhh.
haha. we have to queue one u know, gahhh.
luckily there were not so crowded.
and the shop was located just beside the narrow roadside,
u can simply find people actually queueing along the roadside.
we ate a lot, i mean me and elaine lah.
haha. it costs us RM76 ehhh.
expensive or not?

many ppl were line up there.

remember this sign. the most famous satey celup at melaka. isit? hehe

the foodss.

okay, my tradition. i always upload those photos at the back one.
idk why, i'm just like it. hehe.

honestly, do we look alike? haha.

the cutest one ever!!! ELAINEEE!

the sweetest of course! APPLE!!

sometimes i was wondering why not i just spend my moment with my friends
since i've got the greatest friends aka coursemates ever,
and i do have my bestie here.
instead of living in confusion,
why not just E-N-J-O-Y?
i fully understood that speaks is easier, but when it comes to action,
it's way too hard.
you can lie,
but your heart never lies.
i admit i was quite down at times,
and somehow i wished i wasn't included.
it's not somehow, i wished i never included.
and away from this as well.
you never knew how much i wish.
deep from my heartcore,
i wished.

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