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Thursday, July 23, 2009

I broke my promise, all the JUSCO MEMBER's DAY FAULT!

Remember what i posted few days ago,

but i apologized cause i broke my promise.
there is a BUT,
i dont spend money on unnecessary goods,
just spent on ball pen which i need to use during the examination.

although i saw few clothes and shoes that attracted me,
but i'm able to control myself.
since, my purse is now left two rm10 notes.
what to do? pathetic weihhh.

Okay, let's talk about the what happened today.
today there was a writing quiz,
which i dont really care that much.
means, just ignore that lah. =p

well, one of my coursemate which his name is ah hao too,
JIO [ ajok ] us to go jusco bersama-sama.
today is jusco member's day!
elaine brought along her bro, RON which registered as jusco member,
so that we can have discount for all those stuff.

well, i was really having fun today.
i'm really happy & enjoy today,
never felt so happy for such a long time already.
when i say long time, it means maybe one week or up to 5days lah.

i think i met great friends,
my best friends aka coursemates at here.
i love them so muchie.
hearts u all ♥
especially my mei mei, apple & elaine.

♥ you all.

Frust while waiting for the bus,
captured few photos. =]

this is ah hao. cool then hot. get what i mean? HAHA

once again, do we look alike? another one told us today.

hao, mai pek cek. tan ce eh, bus beh lai liao.

apple took one
ah, not me. =p

you cant imagine how crowded was jusco.
i can barely breath,
and walk.

firstly, accompany my mei mei & elaine for their formal attire.
thanks god they found it.
of course doesnt cost them too much.
and ah hao was looking for his formal attire too,
we did helped him to choose.
but in the end,
he insisted on his taste.
looks good too lah.

asking for opinions.

he wants this!

we headed to KFC for dinner,
did i mention must save money during the previous post?
argh dont care lah.
when it comes to food,
four of us dont really care.
as long as the food satisfies us.
even me the pokkai one,
also ordered for snack plate.
sorry mommy,
i need more $$.

& no photos session during the dinner,
cause my fingers were all oily.
and we were way too hungry.

Then, we back to jusco again.
bcause elaine's didi,
wanted to buy the power ranger.
he's so inlove w/ those power rangers!!!
on his way to pay,
we saw those effin cute bears.
although im not into bear at all,
i mean fluffy fluffy stuff,
but i do think they are cute.
but RMB do not buy them for me as present.

after every misscamwhorrie done their job,
we said ByeBye to jusco
and hello to businessmath test.
we're back to reality.
which i dont really want to.
i just want to have fun w/ them everyday, everymins,
and everysecond.
but we promised that we want to study tmr.
forming study group tmr.
wishUSlucks! =D


that's why i hate to sit infront. get what i mean? HAHA!

k lah, i'm really exhausted right now.
woke up early in the morning for class,
and never take nap today.
going to sleep very soon.
remember leave me a comment as well.


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