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Friday, July 31, 2009


Dear bloggy,
i'm going back to my hometown tomorrow,
which i left for almost 2months.
i'm damn excited right now!!!
if i were to be alone,
i think i'm now screaming & jumping in my room non-stop!
i cant believe that im actually going back already tmr.
in a blink of eyes,
i've already spent 2 months here.
i still remember how i feel,
when i was about to leave my hometown,
when the moment my parents left,
when i have to go for my registration day alone,
without any companies,
and how i get to know new friends here.

and now,
i'm going back.
although, it's only for one week time,
i promise u guys,
i will spend quality time with you guys.
so, wait for my call, pls do not ever switch off ur phone.
miss u guys heaps. <3

i think im going to miss my frens at mmu too,
it's only one week.
we still can meet after one week what.
our plan : jonker, karaoke, bbq.

yay! last paper today.
i think my accounting is going to fail.
btw, i wan to pass. =p
econs, the true false questions are irritating,
businessmath, arghhh. hopefully my steps can help me gain mark.

i finished pack my stuff.
i'm going to be alone tmr at the airport for hrs.

i will upload some random photos when we were in study group.

what were u trying to do, dear papa? *laughs*

*spotted* ah hao and tan fei were studying hard.

from left, mama, papa, and neighbour. xD

cute stuff. HAHA

dear god, deeper deeper.

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