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Monday, July 27, 2009

CLS Orientation Night

just got back from habeeb.
hahaha took supper again.
gained weight,
but spare me lah.
i'm now on my PMS,
need MORE energy.

actually there was an event organized by CLS tonight.
it's an orientation night,
which also organized by the freshies too,
including, rebecca and yeewen.

in a nut shell,
i was having FUN again. ^^
i was quite awkward when i need to hold the guys' hand.
and i was quite unlucky
that i had to hold the ungentleman ones for so long.
eeekkkssssss ~
& my mei mei and elaine were absent,
mei mei went to jonker street while elaine's parents are here in melaka.
so, left me, apple, ron, hao, celine and ailing only.
we were all in BLACK!
pakat one lah. hehe.

those committees were really worked hard,
brainstorming for games,
and i sincerely say TQ to all of you,
cause we had a great moment.
<3 style="font-style: italic;">ahhhh
, i dont feel like uploading in facebook.
just upload here enough lah can?

not going to talk much about that,
let's take a look at the photos.


she's one of the committee members nuhhh~

i told ya, i looked so pale and fat today!

kononnya taiwan's celebrities. HAHA.

This is Ailing and Celine.

This is G2000 and Sissy. *laughs*

headed to habeeb for supper, and get to know some new friends.
one word to describe them


especially for the HIGH-5 guy.
fuyong rite?
ah hao said xiu xiu was quite unlucky,
cuz she cant get to know the handsome guy.

means, the lame guy i mentioned just now.



let u guy see how he looks like,
and tell me isit SO good looking?


i think ah hao thinks everyone is goodlooking.
hao, you're better.
shhhhhh dont tell them.

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