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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chinese Language Society first event

Finally i've got some photos to blog.
yesterday there was an event organized by the Chinese Language Society in our campus,
it was awesome,
because there was a live band which i love so much!!!

i joined this society most probably most of my friends is joining,
and they claimed that this is the best club in our campus,
they = my friends. :D
and this club actually having 50-60 activities annually.
i was stunned at the moment when i heard about it.
or maybe not surprising for u guys?

clubs & society in uni life are not like sec sch
which u guys have to attend every event and activities held by the club,
but in uni, u can choose to join any club you want,
i mean as much as you want.
and decide whether which club u'd prefer to active in.
and its follow your favor whether u wanna join their activites or not.

i joined two club,
another one is japanease language society,
i joined this cos i always wanted to go for the homestay programme.

i only able to capture a few photos yesterday,
when i say a few it means, damn few!
because i dont hav my camera on my hand
thanks to elaine who helped me to capture all these ' few '.

the opening performance. although it was only few drummers, not bad lahhh.
i think kb's better. no offense. peace =D

LIVE BAND!!! i think im in love w/ live band!
the coolest ever = the drummer!!!

of course not only this two performances lahh.
but i only able to take this two.
after that we headed to mori again.
it was elyn's suggestion
then we were laughing like mad people again as usual.
i dont understand why we just cant stop laughing for a moment
being the loudest one probably not a good idea,
but i'm lovin' it.
and i bet they do. =D

no camwhorring session, because it was dark.

they are those singers who entertained us all day long.
although most of the time we were being ignorant.
cuz we were cracking jokes.
i think we most probably addicted to lying. xD

after econ quiz today,
we able to snap few photos.
due to some image problem,
you'd better dont look at those. =D

ohhh there are my coursemates.
as cute as always.. =DD
from left: ailing, lois, apple [ u all know one lah this one ] ,
me then hui xien.
btw, can you see a lengzai was sleeping there?

i promise next time i will capture tons of photos.
and getting know them are really awesome.
cant wait to hang out w/ you guys.

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